Hammamet, Tunisia

Calm and conservative Hammamet is famous for its sandy beaches and modern thalassotherapy centers. This is a European class resort, one of the most respectable in Tunisia. Quiet relaxation is harmoniously combined here with the best nightlife in the country: there are a lot of cool discos, bars and restaurants. Most guests come here to combine relaxation with intensive wellness and rejuvenation treatments.

How to get to Hammamet

From any of the international airports in Tunisia – in Monastir, Enfid or the capital – Hammamet can be reached by intercity buses, minibuses, luages ​​or trains. The nearest airport is located at a distance of 48 km from the resort, in Enfid, but it is more convenient for individual travelers to travel from the main Tunisian air harbor by taxi or train. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Tunisia.


Waiting for public transport in Hammamet is a waste of time. Only a few buses and fixed-route taxis of not the first youth run around the city, the direction of which is indicated in Arabic, and if you’re lucky, in French. But you can stop them right in the middle of the road, pay 3-5 TND to the driver or conductor – and rush off in an unknown direction. Prices on the page are for August 2022.

The bus station is located near the Yasmina beaute shopping center (C28, Hammamet). You can even leave from here to other cities on the buses of the SRTGN carrier.

It is much more convenient to get around Hammamet by taxi. However, the drivers do not speak English and are considered swindlers. Do not reset the meter after the previous passenger, instead of the day one, carry it at the night rate (1.5 times more expensive, the letter “N” is lit – pay attention), do not give change – in the order of things. Many tourists turn a blind eye to this, since the average price of a trip, even with such frauds, will be from 13 TND (both euros and dollars will be accepted).

Hammamet Hotels

The resort area is divided into Hammamet itself (northern and central) and the tourist area of ​​Yasmine-Hammamet with a wide promenade along the sea, modern hotels and developed infrastructure. Contrary to fears, new construction projects are not underway here, so Yasmin can be safely recommended to lovers of a relaxing holiday. “Fives”, “fours” and “troikas” were distributed along the coastline almost evenly.

There is a promenade in front of most of Yasmine’s hotels: formally they are considered to be on the first line, but in fact, to get to the beach, you need to cross the road.


The beaches are, in fact, what it is worth going to Hammamet for. They stretch for many kilometers and differ from their neighbors in the region by finer, softer and lighter sand. Entry into the water is gentle everywhere, there are no waves, which is especially appreciated by tourists with children. Rental of sun loungers-umbrellas – from 2 TND per day.

The central, northern and southern (Yasmine-Hammamet) beaches of the resort are equally free for everyone and boast a well-developed infrastructure. For children – slides, swimming pools and play areas (albeit mainly in areas near hotels), for adults – bars and restaurants, for athletes – rent of all kinds of equipment at affordable prices. Diving, jet skiing, boating and water skiing are held in high esteem here.


In Hammamet, there is a thalasso in the hotels Royal Azur 5 * – Sol Azur 4 * – Bel Azur 3 *, Nahrawess 4 * (one of the largest in Africa, there is a complex of pools with sea water and more than 90 massage rooms), RIU Park El Kebir 4*, Aziza 4* and Mediterranee Thalasso Golf 3*.

In addition, almost every hotel has its own spa and balneotherapy center. The procedures there are similar, but, unlike thalasso, not sea, but ordinary water is used.


Local souvenirs – edible and inedible. The variety of the latter is much greater, and the main one among them is the Berber wool carpet with the addition of silk. It is problematic to find a really high-quality “specimen”; not the most worthy samples are presented on the markets. For the best carpets (at a price of 1350 TND) it is better to go to Kairouan, which is a 1.5 hour drive from Hammamet.

Bags, accessories, sandals and slippers made of natural leather at a price of 120 TND, beautiful and bright pottery, dishes and kitchen utensils made of olive wood, less often copper, drums tam-tama are presented in abundance in local markets and shops. Exotic lovers will appreciate fez headwear and traditional men’s clothing, reminiscent of a straight dress.

From delicious souvenirs we bring olive oil (from 15 TND / l), halva, fig vodka “buho” (from 15 TND), Tunisian wine (from 20 TND) and spicy harissa sauce (from 3 TND per jar).

Shopping malls and shops lined the city’s main thoroughfare. But the most colorful shopping is in the famous market in the Old Medina (36.394054, 10.613224). Bargaining is necessary, prices are inflated several times.

5 things to do in Hammamet

  1. Enjoy the view of the bay of Hammamet from the walls of the Spanish fort.
  2. Dine on the freshest fish and seafood at the Barberousse Restaurant.
  3. Smell the flowers in the Botanical Gardens of the Hammamet Cultural Center.
  4. Take a course of thalassotherapy in one of the best thalasso centers in the country.
  5. Enough to take pictures in the “postcard” medina.

Cuisine and restaurants of Hammamet

In Hammamet, Pomodoro and Chez Achour fish restaurants, Le Barberousse, an institution with national Tunisian cuisine, are popular. Frog dishes can be tasted in the French La Terrasse in the northern part of the resort, pasta in the Italian La Traviata at the Calypso club.

You can have a cheap meal at the L’Olivier cafe chain. Sit with a cup of coffee or a hookah in one of the Arab cafes. Canari Tutti Frutti is famous for its freshly squeezed juices and ice creams. But for a romantic atmosphere, you should look into the traditional cafe Sidi Bou Hdid, “clinging” to the fortress wall of the medina from the sea.

Entertainment and attractions

While walking around the city, be sure to visit the Old Medina and Ribat, as well as the Spanish fortress of the 16th century, which are located on the seashore. Hidden in the depths of the medina is the Museum of the History of Hammamet.

Port Marina is considered the largest in North Africa: it is from here that the new part of the city of Yasmine Hammamet begins, in which a stylized “old quarter” is built.

Built in the 20s. of the last century, George Sebastian House, surrounded by cypress trees, with a pool, columns, antique bedrooms and Roman baths, will help tourists to satisfy the sense of beauty. In the garden there is an amphitheater of the 60s. with a modern sound and light system, where the International Arts Festival is held annually in July-August.

Walking through the territory of the Sebastian Botanical Gardens, look beyond the side of the amphitheater that overlooks the sea. You will see a wonderful ancient Roman mosaic, slightly overgrown with grass, but with a distinguishable ornament and bright colors.

The tourist complex “Medina – Mediterranea” is an open-air museum, which was conceived as a traditional Arab medina and designed in the Arab-Muslim style. Surrounded by a traditional defensive wall that hides the inner part of the city, the complex attracts tourists with its hotel, bazaar with products of Tunisian artisans, as well as a thoughtful recreation and entertainment area.

Excursions are organized from Hammamet to the city of Tunis, to the ruins of Carthage, to the Cap Bon Peninsula and to the Sahara.

Entertainment for children and adults

In order not to be stunned by many hours of daily spa treatments, they can be interspersed with trips to Medina-Yasmine, a tourist complex behind a stylized fortress wall, in which different parts of the country are recreated, cafes, restaurants and shops are open. There is also an amusement park Carthageland with many attractions for children and adults. The resort also has two world-class golf clubs, Yasmine and Citrus, the Friguia zoo (Friguia), a riding club, and the Laico hotel has a Blue Ice skating rink – nothing outstanding, but the ice is real.

It is better for citizens who are lazy, but thirsty for entertainment, to stay in the Paradis and Royal Azur hotels – water slides, without leaving the hotel, are guaranteed to them. The Sol Azur also has a casino. Another casino is open in South Hammamet at the Meda Center.

Despite its conservatism, Hammamet will not let tourists get bored. Fans of an active nightlife will love the disco area, which is only 10 minutes from Yasmine and 20 minutes from Hammamet North. It consists of two perpendicular streets with discos, bars and restaurants. One of the most popular discos in Hammamet is Oasis. Other popular local discos are Manhattan (by the way, one of the largest in all of Africa), Calypso, Safari, Nero, Oasis and Havana Club.


The beach holiday season in Hammamet starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of October. The sea warms up by mid-May and retains heat even in the last days of September. The peak of water and air temperatures falls on July-September: the heat becomes exhausting, subsides a little only at night, but thanks to the dry air it is easier to bear.

The winter season (October-April) is ideal for sightseeing tourism and visiting thalassotherapy centers. Gusty winds overshadow the rest during this period. But there is little precipitation here even in winter.

Hammamet, Tunisia