Head-Lantern Ff120-Beal-Black

Product Details: Limit Store: Head-Lantern FF120-Beal

This is a flashlight with two surprisingly powerful light sources in relation to your size: 100 lumens in full mode with 100 m range weighing only 96 grams.

The FF120 is a flashlight highly suitable for all demanding outdoor activities, like hiking and trail races. She offers the choice between, long focused lighting to move quickly or a wide beam for use in proximity.


1 operation mode

Focus-a powerful central LED with reflector for a long and strong.
Maximum mode: 100 lumens and a focused lighting at a distance of up to 100 meters.
Medium mode: for an excellent relationship between power and energy consumption.
For a longer time of use.
The flashing mode to draw attention when necessary.

2 operation mode

Open: 2 powerful light side LED flashlight each with a reflector for lighting from ITYPeauto.
Maximum mode: for peripheral vision highly comfortable, even when moving quickly.
Medium mode: for a pleasant and homogenous lighting, without areas of bright spots.

The elastic head strap is easily removable and washable, and compatible with the L24 model installed in the rear.

Water resistance: IPX6.

Weight 96 g.
Power supply: 3 AAA batteries (included)

Alkaline batteries battery life:
MAX 100 Lumens-50 h
Medium 47 Lumens-78
Eco 6 Lumens-240H