Holidays in Cambodia

For a Russian tourist, holidays in Cambodia began to open relatively recently, compared to the same Vietnam. Partly, the reason for this was the turbulent situation in the kingdom, which was torn apart by a civil war for a very long time. But for a decade now it has been living without wars and strife, inviting guests from all over the world. Beach holidays here are perfectly combined with visiting ancient sights, and there is something to see in the country.

Pros and Cons of Cambodia


  • Warm sea and clean beaches
  • Cheap food and accommodation in general
  • Friendly locals
  • Unique architectural monuments
  • Lots of great festivals


  • Language barrier – the population does not even speak English well
  • High crime rate outside tourist regions
  • Dangerous wildlife – spiders, snakes and predatory reptiles
  • Strict laws and heavy fines for foreigners
  • Catastrophic state of medicine – lack of hospitals and doctors


Regardless of the month you plan your vacation for, Cambodia will almost certainly delight you with a hot tropical climate, with the exception of the strict boundaries of the seasons – dry and wet. The strongest monsoon rains, leading to floods, go from May to October inclusive, from November to April – the dry season, when you can fly without fear. Due to the low-lying terrain throughout the country, the critical level of relative humidity is always above 90%. According to, this also affected precipitation – the average minimum is 1500 mm per year.

Visa and customs

For legal stay in Cambodia, Russian tourists will need a visa, which can be issued in two ways – in advance at the embassy or upon arrival. Both situations will require the following package of documents:

  • Completed application form in Russian or English;
  • Passport valid for at least six months at the end of the trip;
  • Two color photos 3×4 cm without corners and ovals;
  • Visa fee payment receipt of $30.

In the absence of photographs at the time of arrival, a foreigner is provided with a fine, which he pays on the spot, after which he will be invited to a room for a picture.

Until 2014, in order to go on vacation, Cambodia set a mandatory condition for the availability of medical insurance. Not very decent border guards still take advantage of the guests’ ignorance and charge $20 per person for not having a policy. You can stop this by knowing the language and calmly declaring your rights.

Read more about the rules for obtaining a visa and the country’s customs regulations here.

Frequently asked Questions


Is there a rating system for hotels in Cambodia, and if so, how to choose a room so as not to be deceived upon arrival?


Hotels in the country are frankly worse than in neighboring Vietnam, so you should not count on luxurious service even in the declared “fours”. The SPA category is available only in five-star complexes, they are more in line with the asking prices. The “troika” will have everything to live in peace, including a slow but free Wi-Fi channel. Tourists are rarely deceived here, but cases of theft in rooms do happen. When you check in, ask for a safe in the room or at least a storage box at the reception desk. There you need to put return tickets and originals of all documents. Make a color copy of passports in advance – sometimes the police stop guests on the street for a routine check.


When is the best time to plan a vacation in Cambodia? How prone is the country to hurricanes and other disasters?


The peak of the swimming season in coastal regions is March-April. If you don’t want to get on the first wave of monsoon showers with thunderstorms and stormy winds, it’s better not to call in in May, although some extreme people don’t care. Floods are possible in June, and tsunamis and other troubles – from September to October.


They say that even in resort towns it can be dangerous on the streets in the evenings, is that true? Who to call in case of a robbery?


Unfortunately, there are risks of robberies, but only in cases where tourists demonstrate their wealth with jewelry, expensive watches, etc. There is only one rule here – do not break away from your “friends” and do not deviate from the proven route. As for emergency services, Cambodia even created a special body – the tourist police, which can be called at: (023) 724-793 from any device. Rescue service and ambulance – 119. Notify the Russian embassy about the accident by phone: + 855 12 786 402.

How to avoid being scammed in Cambodia?

Unfortunately, Cambodia cannot guarantee a 100% relaxing holiday. Every now and then there are precedents that spoil the mood of our tourists, and become the cause of unnecessary spending. The following video illustrates some of the scams and demands for bribes in the kingdom that foreigners face.

Holidays in Cambodia