How to Stay With the Abdomen in the Form

To stay with the abdomen in the form it is essential to have a diet rich in fibers and proteins, and drink at least 1.5 L of water per day and exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, such as doing sit-ups or running, for example.

In addition, avoid stress, do a massage on the abdomen and to adopt a correct posture is also important to stay with the belly firm.

Normally, the stomach “six pack” arises when one eliminates the accumulated fat in the abdomen and tones up your muscles and, generally, the results appear at the end of the month, improving each day with the maintenance of the training and to comply with the diet guided by a nutritionist.

Power to stay with the abdomen in the form

How to Stay With the Abdomen in the Form 1

To stay with a abdomen toned, you must do a balanced and varied diet and that help burn fat and speed up metabolism. This way, you should:

  • Make at least 5 meals per day, not going more than 3 hours without eating;
  • Drink at least 1.5 L of water, green tea or artichoke;
  • Eat vegetables or fruit in every meal of the day;
  • Make a diet rich in fiber, eating flax seed or oats. Learn about other foods: Foods rich in Fiber.
  • Eat antioxidant foodsuch as tomato, orange, or brown of the stops;
  • Eating foods that increase metabolismsuch as ginger or cinnamon, for example;
  • Eat protein at every meal, such as eggs, milk, meat and fish. See more: protein Diet.
  • Avoid the consumption of fatty foods, sugary or processed, such as crackers, frozen foods or canned.
  • These foods help to decrease the chance of fluid retention and contribute to the good functioning of the intestines, reducing constipation and decreasing the swelling and leading to that if you notice the belly toned.
  • In addition, for the abdomen stay in shape more quickly, gaining muscle mass, you can take protein supplements, such as Aggression, for example. You know some supplements: Supplements to gain muscle mass.
  • However, it is important to consult a nutritionist to make a menu appropriate, as well as, indicate the supplement and the quantities most appropriate to achieve the desired results.

How to Stay With the Abdomen in the Form 2

Physical exercise to keep the abdomen in shape

To have a abdomen in the form it is necessary to practice daily physical activity at home or in the gym for at least 30 minutes. The exercise helps you to stay with the belly lasts, since it contributes to the toning of the abdominal muscles, leaving them protruding and giving the look of a belly “six pack”.

In this way, some of the exercises that contribute to keep the abdomen in shape include do the plank and sit-ups a day and jogging, squats and burpees in the following, being very important to switch between specific exercises to tone the abdomen and other exercises, to burn fat, thus obtaining the best results.

Other tips for getting the abdomen into shape

There are other ways, such as doing a massage on my belly daily, that in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity increase the chance of getting with a abdomen in shape.

Massage on belly help to activate the blood circulation and the shape the silhouette of the body of the person, contributing to the loss of fat and helping to highlight the muscles of the belly.

Adopt a correct posture, keeping the spine, hips and shoulders aligned, it is also very important for the belly as the abdominal muscles remain stretched. See how to have a proper stance on: How to have correct posture to avoid belly.

How to Stay With the Abdomen in the Form 3

In addition, in some cases, have recourse to beauty treatments, making lipocavitação or procedure, can help eliminate fat from the abdomen, leaving you looking toned and hard.