Hypertrophy Training

Training for muscle hypertrophy should be carried out, preferably, in a gym because they are necessary equipment and appliances with great weight.

To ensure that the training is well done, it is very important to have a physical education teacher for close to. He should observe if the exercises are being done the right way, with strength in the survey and in the correct position when lowering, to prevent injury.

Hypertrophy training for men and women

Hypertrophy Training 1

Here is an example of hypertrophy training for men and women, which should be performed 5 times per week:

  1. Monday:Chest and triceps;
  2. Tuesday:Back and arms;
  3. Wednesday: 1 hour of cardio exercises;
  4. Thursday:Legs, glutes, and lower back;
  5. Friday: Shoulders and abdominals.

On Saturday and on Sunday it is recommended to rest because the muscles also need rest and time to increase volume.

The teacher of the academy may indicate other exercises, the weight you should use and the number of repetitions to do to ensure the increase of muscle mass, improving the body contour according to the needs of the individual. Typically, in hypertrophy training female are used higher weights on the legs and buttocks, while men use more weight on the back and chest.

Hypertrophy Training 2

How to increase the muscles faster

Some tips for a good hypertrophy training are:

  • Take a glass of natural fruit juice before the workout to give the amount of carbohydrate and energy required to perform the exercises;
  • Consume some food source of protein after training, such as meat, eggs and dairy products. When you consume the protein after your workout, the body can get the necessary tool to increase the muscle mass;
  • Rest after trainingbecause good sleep gives the body the time it needs to produce more muscle. Effort can decrease the body’s ability to produce muscle and compromising the end result.

When the individual reach to the measures that you want, it is not recommended that you stop to train. In this case, he should continue training, but should not increase the weight of the units. Thus, the body remains in the same measures, with no increase or loss of volume.

Hypertrophy Training 3