In The Pool (II): The Importance of a Good Warm-Up

When practicing swimming is important to perform a good warm-up to be ready to deal with the exercise in perfect condition without suffering any mishap. While in the pool movements are softer to be cushioned by the water, it is essential to have hot joints that are going to work, and suffering a great job such as shoulders and arms in general.

Warming us activate the blood circulation so that we are ready to train. It will keep our muscles with an irrigation optimal and ready to work. This will make exercises and gentle so that we aclimatemos our joints for the exercise which will be done later.

We must devote of 10 to 20 minutes heating divided in a general training that will make aerobic exercise to activate circulation and increase the temperature of our body. We can make run or walk. The other half of the heating time exported it to working parties involved in swimming as the arms, shoulders and legs.

It’s important combining stretching with warming It is usual to have muscles relaxed and prepared for the effort. We can also heat in the water to get used to the temperature and to the environment. After the exercise, it is advisable to spend 15 minutes stretching to facilitate muscle recovery and avoid injury.