In The Pool (III): Perform The Movements Correctly

To pay more when we swam and not needlessly fatiguing us is important to maintain the stabilized body. To do this it is essential to perform the movements properly without adopting poor posture or twists that eventually will lead to premature fatigue without the full exercise.

First of all we need to know it is important to be faster to swimming keep our back straight and avoid movements that force us to turn too for one side or the other. So it is important to keep your head submerged in the water and pull out just to catch air, and always on the same side. It is not recommended to move head from one side to another, what we get is to perform movements remaining us energy.

The stroke must be complete, i.e., we have to do the entire route with a stretched arm and the fingers of the hand together. We start from the hips and back to finish in this part. Simultaneously perform movements and not forced, since the only thing that we will be tired before.

Kick push is important, since next to the stroke is another form of propulsion. We must get straining with all the leg and not only with the feet. Is important that the impulse begins at the hip and moves by all the leg until you finish at the bottom, since this way we will get tired less joints and developed strength will be greater, as well as travel within the water speed.