Jorge, the New Signing to Immerse Yourself

Hello! My name is Jorge Padilla, natural of Granada, from 25 years of age. I am currently immersed fully in the section of water of Decathlon Pulianas (Granada), in which, every day, I try to contribute my knowledge related to the underwater worldand to get my admiration and respect for the sea to all of my clients restless and curious by this fascinating world.

According to, I have training as a monitor of swimming and aquatic first aid, in addition to being sports physical activities animation technician, diploma in teaching of physical education, Bachelor of science in physical activity and sport and, currently, growing even more in the sports world thanks to the own masters in training staff, which I do.

Just with a year old and living on the coast of Granada, I acquired my first diving mask that would allow me to venture into this world so magical. Learning to dive rather than swim, admired every day the Majesty of the big blue, wondering what was hidden after his aguas and doing that, few years later, sea stole my heart, to the point of turning this sport in my passion and my life.

Year after year, I’ve been getting multitude of materials, from boats to elements of thermal protection, tools for underwater fishing, etc. perfecting and innovating technical and tactical fishing according to the tides, currents and winds; similar to the habits and customs of innumerable species, always from the most utmost respect with sizes and species.

And you, encourage you to navigate this incredible world next to me?, do fin to fin? We encourage you to share your questions and curiosities about this environment unknown and full of mysteries, techniques, materials, locations, species… Delighted I’ll be for you to know everything. Dive together!

A greeting!