Kanga Training, an Effective Way to Regain Your Fitness after Childbirth

We discover what is kanga training, an effective way to regain your fitness after childbirth especially convenient for new mothers and their babies. It is not easy to get back in shape soon after pregnancy and it’s not easy being able to carve out space for the care of yourself with a child so small. The solution is the kanga training, a workout for new moms that allows you to do physical activity by holding your baby in the baby carrier or in the band.

Kanga Training, an Effective Way to Regain Your Fitness after Childbirth
The Kanga workout consists of a series of exercises at intervals that aims to tone muscles and burn fat accumulated during pregnancy. In particular are trained ABS, buttocks, arms, quadriceps, pectorals and ridges taking into account the conditions in which women find themselves after months of inactivity during gestation. For example, there are no push ups to not overdo your pelvic floor, already severely tested by pregnancy and childbirth.
During the Kanga training classes are alternated with aerobic choreography and movements standing to make a workout of the cardiovascular system, and anaerobic stages of muscle toning with exercises often performed on land. There is a moment of initial heating and one of limberingfor winding down and relax the muscle groups involved in training. In the first part of the session is also provided a lesson on some important aspects are also useful in everyday life, how to, for example, proper posture to avoid overloading your spine.

Kanga Training, an Effective Way to Regain Your Fitness after Childbirth 2

The Kanga training was designed by specialists of the movement in the postnatal period with the advice of midwives and doctors and is intended to be a way to take care so sweet but effective physical mothers who want to get back in shape gradually. For this the attention is placed on a workout tailored to mom and baby, given a correct posture, avoiding direct abdominal and running large jumps and so much as the width of the hips, especially for the first few months after childbirth.

One of the main aspects of this type of activity is related to the presence of the child during the Kanga training. During the lesson, in fact, the baby is always in touch with mom, or in her pouch, maintaining a good level of peace and quiet, thanks to the positive influence of music and rhythmic movements. This mother-child combination creates a positive atmosphere between the two, allowing you to benefit from them even in the hours after exercise. There is also a great practical advantage, namely the possibility of not having to leave the child to relatives or strangers with any concern that this separation entails in moms, especially in the early months.

Kanga Training, an Effective Way to Regain Your Fitness after Childbirth 3

The Kanga training workout can be practiced from 8-10 weeks from natural childbirth and from 10-12 weeks from caesarean just after making the first control post partum pelvic examination. The activity can continue until the child has about 3 years or until is taken. Obviously, the higher the age and weight of the child, the greater the effort and physical labor that the woman will have to support. Ready to regain fitness with Kangatraining with your baby?