Lapinha da Serra, a Secret Revealed in the Serra do Cipó-MG

“District of Santana do Riacho, Lapinha da Serra is located in the region of Serra do Cipó and is part of APA (Environmental preservation area) Morro da Pedreira, protection belt of theParque Nacional da Serra do Cipó. Integrates the Real road circuit and is 143 Km from Belo Horizonte. In the the first 80 tourists (backpackers) passing by to follow up the Cachoeira do Tabuleiro in Conceição do Mato Dentro. In the early 90 the number of tourists was considerable, further increasing in 1999 when opened the road linking Santana do Riacho to Lapinha, where before it was virtually impossible to automobile traffic. Since then the first problems started to appear, as tourists camping in the springs, on the banks of the dam, waterfalls and rivers, leaving trash, clutter and depredation of the environment. So, residents felt the need to organise themselves to discuss and try to solve such problems. Today is no longer allowed in camp Springs, water collection areas, public areas, facilitating the solution of various problems of the community.” 

So, this is a small summary about the place where I was a few days in this town near the Serra do Cipó. Today we have a plethora of places to stay, from hostels to enormous houses and well structured. See our tips on what to do in Lapinha da Serra.

Where to stay in Lapinha da Serra

For guys who enjoy camping, look out! It’s not just arrive and assemble the tent No. Has own areas to it, private campgrounds with all infrastructure. The service provided depends on the owner, some include meals on the values! Worth checking out.


I stayed in a cabin a cabin. For 2 people, belongs to “Casas da Serra”. Enter the site and check out the prices and booking conditions and payment. I went through the center of the village, and after 10 minutes drive, I was on the ground that the cabin is.

Has a gatehouse, a bigger house (for rent), caretaker’s House, and down a bit, have a place to park the car. From there a 50 metre walk to reach the cabin. I’ve seen the privacy of location, and even the right insulation as needed for those who live in the city. I want that!

The caretaker helps take things to the cabin … food, bags, etc. The cabin is all structured. Kitchen equipped to meet almost all needs! Of course, you need to take food and drinking water. The cabin is made of wood and masonry. Carries 2 people comfortably and toooooooda luggage! And I take a lot!


The location is unique. It should be noted that Valley is surrounded by native trees, in complete harmony with the environment. The night the feeling is that is we are really in a luxury camp. A wall almost all the glass cabin gives the impression that we’re in the middle of the trees! The view of the mountain, along with the starry sky is wonderful!

What to do in Lapinha da Serra

About 50 meters of the cabin is the Lagoa da Lapinha. A small trail leads to a floating deck, where Canadian canoes and kayaks to guests! (Please check conditions for each House/cabin).


For those who enjoy this kind of activity is good, because you can go rowing and stopping at some points for shooting, riding, bathing, etc. Are interconnected Lakes, you can leave in the morning and return in the afternoon. Just be careful with the Capybaras, Yes, an almost jumped of my kayak, hahahaha! She got scared with my approach, I hadn’t seen her in the midst of greenery, near a quarry. The local fauna is rich and preserved.

To lovers of the pedal is also an excellent destination. With trails and estradões of Earth, the region attracts many lovers of the MTB. Of course, I took my bike and ran a few km. Wonderful landscapes, a living nature and stunning! In the village center of the village there are some shops that rent bicycles, canoes, etc. In addition to shut down tours to waterfalls and other attractions, with guides! Worth checking out!


Since I entered the local Trade Department, I’ll list some difficulties. I don’t have to buy anything in the days I was there. But when Friday came, I wanted something different, so I went to the Centre at lunchtime. I found most of the stores closed, and the ones that were open were not lunch. Why? Because there is no demand. Is that a bad thing? In my case, I went back and did not lunch at home (cabin).

This issue of trade site is interesting to you have no idea how much is primary tourism at the site. For those looking for a well-preserved environment, natives living as if time had stopped, in your positive way, a nature in total harmony, Lapinha da Serra is the location.


Who animate walking a little more has a multitude of waterfalls, some in particular areas, usually pay an entrance fee, to aid in the preservation and site structure. Carry money.

Lapinha da Serra has more …

For the more adventurous are the peak of the Pitch and the Pico da Lapinha, where local guides lead visitors to view the sunset, which is unique. Since the village is in the lower part, the sunset is only seen in spectacular fashion when those peaks.

If you do not want to hire guides, download directions on the internet and follow the trail, which is well signposted. Don’t forget safety equipment!


In addition to all this, you still have the crossing Lapinha x Board, one of the most famous of Brazil! Can be made in how many days you want, on foot or by bike. Several maps with information about this route are found easily on the internet.

Phew … it all in one place! Any questions about how this place is cool and worthy of your visit? You’re not going to stand there with the amount of things to do in Lapinha da Serra. Leave your suggestions, criticisms, tips and comments below, I’d be happy to talk with you.