Los Cabos-the Largest and Most Beautiful Natural Aquarium in the World

One of the most beautiful destinations of Mexico, Los Cabos is the perfect place for those who want to add action and adventure trip. Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, 220 kilometers south of La Paz, the region is regarded as one of the most wonderful for diving.

In the years 1970, the researcher Jacques Cousteau described that stretch of sea as “the largest and most beautiful aquarium in the world” and, recently, a study found that since the Cabo Pulmo National Park was created in 1995, the number of marine species has increased fivefold.

Example of this was the lush image of a school of Manta Rays caught by German photographer Florian Schulz, which earned him the award “Environmental Photographer of the Year” last year. After two months flying over the coast of Baja California Sur, in February 2009, Schulz managed to capture the image.

Not only the school as the jump from one of the stingrays, easily spotted in a boat trip to the rocks that lie exactly at the end of the peninsula, where the sea of Cortez turns into Pacific, or vice versa.

In these mountains, where is the symbol of Los Cabos, a natural monument called El Arco, take also pelicans, turtles and sea lions, in addition to numerous other species. And, if you visit Los Cabos between February and March, will be awarded the opportunity to observe, closely, gray whales.

Glued the El Arco, the rocks acquire other forms like Neptune’s finger and even the Scooby Doo, the famous cartoon dog.

Still in the water

Who likes to fish, is also in the right place. The Marlin and other fish, such as tuna and mackerel, are abundant in the region. In October, the Marlin season, there’s even sport fishing Championships, which attract aficionados from around the world.

A natural cave, the Cave of San Andres, have your entry in Praia do Amor, in the calm sea of Cortez. On the other side of the peninsula, there is the beach of divorce, in the stormy waters of the open ocean, bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

All these tours can be hired at the marina Cabo San Lucas or directly in the resorts. In the region, another attraction is the Cabo Dolphins, where dolphins give a show and children and adults have fun swimming with the docile animals.

With so many new and different landscapes, that estrangement from the beginning will be replaced by feeling.