Mozambique 2002

In 2002, Mozambique was a Southern African nation located in the Indian Ocean with a population of approximately 19 million people. The economy was largely based on agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. In terms of infrastructure, the country had relatively limited access to roads and telecommunications networks. Education was also relatively limited with approximately 47% of the population being literate. According to computerannals, Mozambique had been making progress in recent years in terms of economic growth and poverty reduction. The government had implemented several economic reform measures such as reducing trade tariffs and increasing foreign investment which had helped to boost the country’s economy. In addition, efforts were being made to improve health care services and access to education for all citizens. As a result of these initiatives, Mozambique had achieved a higher standard of living than many other developing countries in the region at that time. Additionally, efforts were being made to reduce corruption and increase transparency in government operations which had helped to foster an environment conducive to foreign investment.

Yearbook 2002

Mozambique. According to Countryaah website, national day of Mozambique is every June 25. The major political parties started charging for the 2004 presidential election. Gov. Frelimo appointed Armando Guebuza as his presidential candidate, which should mean he succeeds Joaquim Chissano. Guebuza made himself known as a hard-line guerrilla leader in the 1970s and 1980s, but quickly adapted to the market economy in the 1990s.

Mozambique Border Countries Map

However, the opposition party Renamo, the former rebel movement, is in crisis. The entire party secretariat was dismissed and the chairman Afonso Dhlakama took over the party secretary post until further notice. At the same time spread leaflets demanding Dhlakama’s departure.

1986 Machel dies in plane crash

In addition to the already very serious economic and military situation, the country was hit by a new tragedy when President Machel died on October 19, 86, in a plane crash on his way home from a summit in Zambia. At this meeting, President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, José Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola and Samora had themselves discussed the joint efforts against South Africa’s aggression against the independent states of southern Africa and its support for the counter-revolutionary movements UNITA and RENAMO respectively.. Angola and Mozambique. The plane crash is still unresolved. It is not known whether the crash was the consequence of sabotage or whether it was an accident.

On November 3, at an extraordinary meeting, the FRELIMO Central Committee appointed then-Secretary of State Joaquim Chissano as President and Commander of the Armed Forces.

The following year, the Mozambican government began revising parts of the economic strategy it had followed since independence in 75. a more flexible policy towards foreign investment was introduced, and local producers were encouraged to increase investment. These were the first steps towards the development of a mixed economy that was confirmed at FRELIMO’s 5th congress in July 89. At the same congress, the party abandoned Marxism-Leninism as ideology.

Mozambique Country Overview

Finn needs a visa when traveling to Mozambique, it is obtained upon arrival in the country. The passport must have at least two blank pages and in addition a visa letter is required, which we obtain for its customers through its partner. The visa costs 50USD and must be paid in cash. Local authorities may change visa policies without notifying us.

The law requires you to carry a passport or a notarized copy of it in Mozambique with you whenever you move outside.

We recommend that you bring an English-language birth certificate when traveling with minor children. A child’s birth certificate is not a mandatory document upon arrival in Mozambique, but it may still be required. Entering the country may be difficult if there is no certificate to show.

If the trip to Mozambique is via South Africa or Botswana Please note that in addition to the passport, minor children must present an original birth certificate in English (extract from the population information system obtained from the local register office). In this case, a birth certificate is required.

A minor child traveling without one or both guardians must present the consent of the absent guardian before the flights and possibly also in South Africa. If the minor has only one legal guardian, a court decision on sole custody or the death certificate of the other guardian must be presented.

We will not be held responsible if access is denied due to missing travel documents.

Every person participating in the trip must have a valid travel insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of illness or other similar need. Please check the validity of your own insurance and the terms and conditions of the insurance cancellation cover.

Please pay attention to the special nature of your trip and check the coverage of the insurance in that respect as well. In many locations, the insurance must also be valid when moving at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, in which case it also covers mountain sickness.

Many hiking or diving trips require more extensive insurance, which covers, for example, diving or moving on a glacier. Please check the contents of your insurance with your insurance company.

Check that your basic vaccinations are valid (tetanus, polio and diphtheria). Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and malaria medication are recommended for the trip. Please always check the vaccination requirements at your health center or the vaccination advice of the tourist clinic

If you arrive in Mozambique from the yellow fever area, you must present an international vaccination card for yellow fever vaccination. According to the World Health Organization, a single dose of yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong protection against yellow fever. However, to avoid possible ambiguity, we recommend that a medical certificate in English be sought for a yellow fever vaccination certificate that is more than 10 years old, stating that vaccination provides lifelong protection.

When traveling to Mozambique from a destination outside the yellow fever area, no vaccination certificate is required. However, there may be unexpected changes in flight routes that may also affect vaccination requirements. Due to such situations, we recommend that you always carry a valid vaccination certificate with you.

We will not be held responsible if access is denied due to a missing vaccination certificate.

The northern part of the country’s largest river, the Sambes, is generally tropical and the southern part is subtropical. There are two seasons: the dry season lasts from May to October, the rainy season from November to April. The average annual temperature is 25 ° C. During the dry season, the average heat in June and July in the capital Maputo is only 18-20 ° C, during the rainy season the temperatures are higher.

Seasons The best time to travel is from April to October, when temperatures are not high and rainfall is low.

The currency of
Mozambique is the metical (MZN). Please bring Euros and US Dollars for currency exchange. Visa cards work best at ATMs.

In smaller places, it is sufficient to round up the invoice amount. In tourist areas, it is customary to give a tip of money for good service 10-20%.

Time difference
Mozambique’s time difference to Finland is -1 hour in summer. In winter, Mozambique is at the same time.

Electric current
The electric current is 220V. An adapter is required for devices used in Finnish sockets.