Natural shine Half Egg 1000 NG Peak, a Small But Very Powerful Spotlight

Power 1000 lumens. 10 ° – 90 ° light angle. 5000m Ah battery. 100 min, 5 hours, 15 hours autonomy. Weight 57 grams (160 with battery). Price: 125 EUR

As I said in the previous article, the first thing that caught my attention from the Natural Shine Half Egg 1000 NG peak was its small size and little weight.

Material, like the rest of Natural Shine models, is CNC aeronautical aluminum and acrylic optical reinforced for lens, which perfectly combines a high resistance to shock and very light weight.

The Half Egg model 1000 NG peak has a weight of only 57 grams which become 160 grams if you add the battery. The weight is very important if you want to use the focus to bring him in the helmet. In this case, virtually no notes it.

The focus comes in a durable and practical carrying case in which you can save it along with all the accessories that accompany it.

Opening the case will find focus Half Egg 1000 NG peak, 2-cell Li-ion battery 5000mAh battery 3.7 V, weatherproof box for transport of battery, network/usb charger 100-240V, 90cm extension cable, attach helmet/head, and tape head.

Power of 1000 Lumens
The power is the strong point of this focus. Despite its “featherweight” and its small size, this focus is surprising with its 1000 lumens. Possibly the focus regarding size-lumens more powerful on the market.

Led that mounts the focus is a latest generation of 9 Watts Create XML.

The design of the lens makes highly concentrated beam of light. The internal angle is 10 ° and the outer of 90. All tested models makes has the most concentrated beam of light, to light with a lot of power just at the point where he is focusing the light. For my taste it is a perfect helmet light, illuminating very clearly right at the point where you’re looking.

(Natural Shine has a very similar model, the NG Trail, where the main difference is that the interior angle is more open, 20 °)

This model 1000 NG peak, as well as the NG Trail, in addition to cycling is intended for night trekking or racing at night, so it features a very comfortable strap to carry it as front head light.

6 Operating Modes
Pressing the phosphorescent back (not lit) can switch between three modes of continuous illumination: 100% mode, mode 30%, and 10% mode. Leaving it hold 2 seconds turns off the light. Also, from the off position, making two clicks, three, or four can pass to modes of discontinuous lighting (flash), with a frequency of 2 Hz, of 9 Hz, or S.O.S. mode

Personally, can’t find you much use these “intermittent” modes (except to warn if we had a problem). If you city by City this way can put nervous more than one driver.

Reducing the power of focus to 30% it would be in 300 lumens, enough power is to roll without problem by broad roads. If we make it to 10% us down with only 100 lumens, enough to roll lanes by bike or paved roads.

2-Cell Battery, 5000mah
The rechargeable battery is new generation Li-ion, 2 cells (18650), 3, 7VDC and 5000mAh. With it we will have a range of 100 minutes on 100% power, 5 hours 15 hours at 10% to 30%,.

It must be clarified that the autonomy depends on the age of the battery, its state of conservation and the environmental temperature. In this link you have some Natural Shine tips on how to extend the life of batteries. Would know that it is not good to leave them loaded to 100% and many people keep them in the fridge?

Battery can be charged by USB (slower loading) or with the charger plug. It should take into account that the charging time is 500mAh/hour, is to say that if you have the battery completely discharged, would take 10 hours to charge 100%.

But… This Autonomy Is Enough?
That will depend on the type of route you want to make. You may think both on the ground and in the length of the route. For routes trialer as will have to focus 100% (1000 lumens), but to circulate by broad roads, you can do so without problems with 30% (300 lumens), even 10% (100 lumens). In a varied route, and if you’re “saving”, able to endure more than 5 hours.

On the routes that we have done so far, we have not had problems of autonomy, although in a long night route from dusk to dawn, most likely us to stay in the dark before reaching the end. One good thing is that when low battery light decreases the power automatically, which stretches a little more autonomy.

For this autonomy, it seems you insufficient because you have very long routes, it has the possibility of purchasing a second battery. The price of the 2-cell-5000mAh battery is € 46, the 4-cell and 10000mAh is €52, and 6-cell and 15000mAh is from €77 (if you’re looking for a little online, you can find them by 32, 42 and €62, but assure you that give you warranty and invoice).

Attach The Battery On Bike
According to, all models of Natural Shine bring a practical “box” waterproof tape wide with double velcro, coping the battery bike (you can put it on the handlebar, the power or the picture). It can also serve to secure the town.

In addition to the battery cable, we have a 90cm extension cable if we want to keep the battery in your Jersey pocket or in the cages.

As we have said, a point to note is well connect the cable of the focus on the stack (push and turn until you hear a double click), and to let go, do it the same way holding the Board with both hands and not pull sharply on the cable.

According to the manufacturer, focus supports heavy rain and dust without problem and nor should give us problem the cable connection of the focus of the stack, which is double o-ring, IP67 (submersible up to 3 meters).

Attach The Focus On The Handlebar
The focus is fixed to the handlebar by means of an o-ring which perfectly fits handlebars “over size” (the vast majority), but that there is something loose in thin handlebars. If this is your case, you can find these clamping rings in stores or on the internet for a little more than €1. Once the focus can move up/down to set the scope and by very rough terrain, make it will not move its position.

Attach To Helmet Or Head
In the case of transport of all Natural Shine models are a practical accessory that enables you to set the focus with the o-ring in the same way we would on the handlebar. This attachment you can put on the headband with Velcro, and firmly subject. In the case of the town, have a tape with velcro on ends that allows to place it subject perfectly avoiding that it can move.

Here must be a little used “imagination” because each town is different and has holes placed in a different way. In my case, the long Ribbon gave me to pass through the holes of the coupling, twice in front and two behind. The subject, perfect.


  • Reflector: Optical Precision
    • Positions: 3 + 2 + 3: 100%, 30% and 10% [long press OFF], 1 Hz, 6 Hz, SOS
    • LED type: Art: create XML
    • Lens: Acrylic reinforced optical, optical diffuser
    • Material: CNC, aeronautical aluminium
    • Circuit: Digital;optimized for heat, ‘multi-function’ and power
    • Switch: Electronic back button
    • “Weather proofness”: IP66 (heavy rain and dust)
    • “Water proofness”: O-ring IP66 (heavy rain)
    • Connection cable: double o-ring, IP67 (submersible up to 3 meters)
    • Battery: New generation Li-ion battery, our site Cell (18650), 3, 7VDC-5000mAh
    • Autonomy: 100%-100 min; 30% – 5 hours a prox.; 10% – 15 hours a prox.
    • Charging time: 500mAh/hour
    • Life LED: 8 years or 50,000 hours
    • Battery life: 6-8 years or 50,000 hours
    • Weight (with battery): 57 grams (160 grams)
    • Angle light: inner – 10 °, – 90 ° external
    • Lighting (lumens/m2): 6. 000lux (visible light density, at 1 meter distance 4, 2VDC)
    • Index Color light: 7200 K (blue-white)
    • Quality standards: ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009, IEC / EN 60825-1, EMC Directive 89/336/EC2 years warranty applicable to all components for manufacturing defects. The battery warranty is 3 months. Any handling of the focus or not inappropriate use voids the warranty.

Some Photos Proving the 1000 NG Peak
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is true, although it is difficult to compare these spotlights with some pictures, and the best thing is to see them live on a route down the mountain.

Last Saturday we took a bike tour to the port of Fuenfría taking advantage of to roll on the snow. The experience, as well as fun, helped us to compare different foci, its power, its angle of lighting, its autonomy…

Although we didn’t have tripod, we took photos of each one of the focuses with its maximum power and “power saving” modes. Sorry if any of them is somewhat out of focus. In the following images we can see the 1000 NG peak to 100% (1000 lumens), 30% (300 lumens) and 10% (100 lumens)

To make a slightly better photos, tripod and more calm, I have climbed to the roof of my building. Yes I know that the field is not the same as we find a stony downhill, but can serve to get an idea of as it is the beam of light from these bulbs.

In the following images we can see the 1000 NG peak to 100% (1000 lumens), 30% (300 lumens) and 10% (100 lumens)

Next articles we will see the other four models of spotlights, and thanks to the made pictures in the same places, we can better compare with each other.

My Personal Opinion
Few days ago I’m trying the Half Egg 1000 NG peak, a small but very powerful focus. Although you can also be on the bike, its size and its low weight make it ideal to carry in the helmet as focus “complementary”. If you do so, your narrow beam allows you to perfectly illuminate the point to which you are looking, something fundamental in the curves.

Comparison of powerful lights for your bike Natural Shine

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• Natural Shine Half Egg 1000 NG peak
• Natural Shine Half Egg 900 NG 1
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