Nicaragua 2002

Yearbook 2002

Nicaragua. The year was dominated by the power struggle between newly elected President Enrique Bolaños and President, former President Arnoldo Alemán, who belong to the same party. In September, Bolaños had managed to gather support from a majority of the members of the National Assembly for a decision to waive Alemán’s parliamentary immunity. According to Countryaah website, national day of Nicaragua is every September 15. Alemán is accused of corruption and embezzlement of $ 100 million during his time as president.

Nicaragua Border Countries Map

Earlier in the month, ten relatives and close relatives of Alemán had, among other things. Former Finance Minister Esteban Duquestrada, was convicted of financial irregularities involving a total of $ 10 million.

Another circumscribed case concerned the Sandinist leader and Nicaragua president during the 1980s, Daniel Ortega, who was charged with rape on his stepdaughter Zoilamérica Narváez. He was released by a court Jan. 19 for lack of evidence.

The Miskito Indians on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, which in 1987 were granted self-government in two regions by the then Sandini government, stepped up their political fight against President Bolaños during the year. They objected to his intention to allow foreign oil exploration in the area.

Nicaragua – Managua


Manaʹgua, capital of Nicaragua; 1 million residents (2018). Managua, located on the southeastern shore of Lake Managua, lacks the true center and is spread over a large area. The city is the commercial, political, cultural and religious center of Nicaragua.

Important industrial sectors are the textile, cement and tobacco industries, as well as oil refinery, chemical industry and crafts. The city has a university, a national museum and a congress hall, which bears the name of Olof Palme. Managua has a road and rail connection with the port city of Corinto, with Granada and Leon as well as an international airport.

Managua was originally a Native American village, which in 1857 was appointed capital to settle the rivalry between Leon and Granada. The city was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1931 but was hit again in December 1972 by an earthquake disaster with more than 10,000 dead and extensive destruction. Managua was a 1978-79 war scene during the civil war between the Sandinists and the Somozar regime.