Niger 2002

Yearbook 2002

Niger. According to Countryaah website, national day of Niger is every August 3. The civilian government suffered its first severe crisis since it took office in 2000, when army soldiers in Diffa in southeastern Niger made mutiny in early August. The soldiers took the governor, the mayor of the city, a member of parliament and several people from the security service hostage. In addition to being paid five months in arrears, the mythists demanded the departure of the commander and a meeting with the prime minister.

Niger Border Countries Map

After a few days, the unrest spread to the capital Niamey, where an attempt at mutiny was quickly crushed. Several officers were arrested in Niamey for suspected conspiracy with the Diffa mythists. The army sent reinforcements to the isolated garrison town near the border with Nigeria and Chad. The Mysterists then fled into the desert with hostages and took shelter in a pair of solitary military sites, before the army, after ten days, was able to defeat the uprising. A few hundred soldiers were apprehended and some seventy fled, probably into Nigeria.


Presidential and parliamentary elections are held

December 27th

Niger holds presidential and parliamentary elections despite corona pandemic and new terrorist attacks. This is done with a large security effort around the country. The presidential election could be the first time that a peaceful change of power between two elected politicians takes place in Niger. About 30 candidates get approved by the Constitutional Court, but perhaps the most important opposition politician, Hama Amadou from Moden, is rejected by the court because he has previously been convicted of infant smuggling (see November 2020). The official result of the first round of the presidential election shows that NPDS candidate Mohamed Bazoum gets just over 39 percent of the vote against 17 percent for former president Mahamane Ousmane from the DRR party. Seyni Oumarou from NMDS gets 9 percent while Albadé Abouba from PMR takes home 7 percent of the votes. Ibrahim Yacouba from NPM wins just over 5 percent. Turnout is just under 70 percent. A second and decisive election round between Bazoum and Ousmane will be held on 20 February. In the parliamentary elections, the ruling PNDS wins 80 out of 166 seats, while the opposition Moden takes home 19 seats and the MNSD 13 seats. The Congress of the Republic (CPR) wins 8 seats, the RDR 7 seats and the Nigerian Patriotic Movement (MPN) 6 seats. Other mandates go to small parties.

About 20 dead in a new terrorist attack

December 21st

Seven army soldiers and eleven suspected jihadists are killed when an army patrol is attacked by heavily armed perpetrators in Taroun in the Tillaberi region of southwestern Niger.

Local elections are being held despite a major terrorist attack

13th of December

Municipal and regional elections are held, two weeks before the presidential election is held. The governing party PNDS wins big. Local elections have previously been postponed due to attacks by jihadists, especially in the Diffa region in the southeast, making it impossible to conduct the elections in a free and secure manner. This time too, about 30 people were killed the night before election day in an attack on the city of Toumour in Diffa, but the election authority still chooses to conduct the elections. Authorities are targeting Boko Haram or the IS-loyal Iswap. Boko Haram takes on the deed.

Attack on army post in the southeast

December 4th

Two forest workers are killed, three soldiers are injured and two soldiers are missing after an attack on a military post and a nature conservation center in Tapoa in southeastern Niger. The attackers set two vehicles on fire and drove away with a third. The attack is the first in the southeastern part of the country in almost a year. The latest similar attack occurred in January 2020 in Chinegodar, when 89 soldiers were killed. The perpetrators are unknown. The area has for several years had problems with attacks from militant Islamists. Niger will hold local and regional elections on December 13 and presidential elections on December 27.