Now You can Rent Electric Bikes in Fernando de Noronha

The Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park (Parnamar FN) now has the electric bicycle rental service. Will be distributed between the units 17 visitors center, and offices and control (PICs) Dolphin-Sancho, at the beginning of the trail that leads to the mirante da Baía dos Golfinhos and Praia do Sancho, and Southeast, located in the Bay of the same name.

The head of Parnamar FN, Ricardo Araújo, believes that will encourage tourism, as it is a way to use the island, meet the Park and enjoy its natural beauty. The service is offered by Econoronha, a company that provides support for visitation in the Park. The main objective is encouraging the practice of healthy living, as well as reduction of pollution generated by motor vehicles on the island. “The bike is no longer just a fun and becomes a means of transport,” says Aguilar.

Bicycles can be rented at all points above, every day of the week, between 8:00 and 6:00 pm at a cost of $25 (electric) and $16 (conventional). The Park already offers to lease, since September, 17 normal bikes, but electric option figure as great alternative for those who wish to circulate the island sparing if greater efforts. So far, the service worked experimentally.


The distances between the attractions of the Park are considerable. To get to Praia do Sancho – elected by Trip Advisor as the most beautiful in the world, the distance is just over four kilometers, leaving the visitor center.

The bikes are more equipment to improve mobility in the Park. “We already have in the trails that promote accessibility, including wheelchair accessible. The idea is that we can make the experience at the Park each time more pleasant and comfortable for different profiles of visitors, “says Aguilar.

The Parnamar FN has the visitor reception structure that includes tracks, which allow access to assisted wheelchair users, but also facilitate access to any visitor. The trails also protect the vegetation in the surroundings, there is no direct movement of people wear in the soil and possible extension of the trails.

In addition, in PICs can meet complete structure for the visitor as bathrooms, showers, snack bar, shops, rental of diving equipment, among others.