OcÚN Via Ferrata Y-Form Fixed Rope Set

There are now lots of sand beaches on the sea. However, by far not all climbing platforms work the same. From various klettersteigkarabinern the differences go up to different damping systems. One of the most popular and perhaps the safest damping systems is the so-called band damping damper. This is considered particularly safe and easy to use.However, there are also alternatives.

OcÚN Via Ferrata Y-Form Fixed Rope Set

The Via Ferrata Y-form of Ocún has a cable brake in contrast to the belt damping device. This has the great advantage that you do not have a dangling packet in front of you, which sometimes interferes with fast movements or dangles between the legs.

The fixed-rope set in itself is well processed and makes a solid impression. It has flexible, pulling loops, which ensure the necessary order on the rock and make the handling extremely easy.

Attac Safety Carabiner

The Attac safety carabiners give the Ocún Via Ferrata Y-Form an excellent handling. They can be easily opened and closed with one hand. In addition, an automatic opening of the carabiner is effectively prevented, since pressure must be applied from two sides.

The Cable Brake

Klettersteig sets with rope brake are classified somewhat more uncertainly than their colleagues with band mufflers. Handling is a major part of this classification. As a beginner you can easily make a few mistakes, which make sure the safety in a fixed rope is endangered.

Typical sources of error are the use of a climbing set after a fall. In the case of a belt damper, even the most inexperienced climber would not have the idea to use a once released belt damping device again. In the case of a rope brake, however, it would theoretically be possible to thread the rope back and use it again. This is a big mistake, however, since the rope may not be damaged. If, however, the core is destroyed or the jacket is melted by the friction on the brake, a rope can break even before, shown by Aristmarketing.

In addition, with a rope set with rope damping always dangles a lot of rope around the belt, one must be careful not to get tangled. The Ocún Via Ferrata Y-Form brings here however a very useful loop of velcro, with which one can create order here.


The Ocún brand stands for quality made in Europe. More specifically in the Czech Republic. Ocún has been producing top-of-the-range karting equipment for years and offers a good quality at a fair price. For many climbers, they are known among other things with the Rock Pillars brand name. This mountaineering set does not need to hide behind his colleagues from Petzl, Salewa, Black Diamond and Co..


For anyone who is aware of the somewhat more complicated handling of a climbing set with rope brake, the Via Ferrata Y-Form is definitely a good climbing set with excellent price-performance ratio.