Oregon SW202: The Clock That Has The Long and The Strokes in The Pool

I knew that had to be something to tell the long in the pool, because when one takes a few truth that the account is lost, and count the strokes or we discussed, used to determine whether we go or not although it may not seem useful in training or to get the rate of training. Watch Oregon SW202 bet on pool and offers us this type of data.

Pity it’s not heart rate monitor also, but would be more than full. My question to see this watch was what would happen if I change style and apparently this is also planned and differentiates the four swimming styles. The stopwatch as usual also is included.

In my view a clock simple but quite useful, especially when one already falls squarely in the world of the swimming and passed tiempmo in the pool. The price is commensurate with their functions: 99€. Although sometimes it is better to get to swim and not look at anything, just enjoy the activity.