Palau 2002

Yearbook 2002

Palau. New tough legislation to counter illegal fishing on Palau’s waters was introduced in the spring. According to Countryaah website, national day of Palau1 is every October. Foreign fishing vessels that violate the law are liable to a fine of up to one million dollars.

Palau Border Countries Map

A local airline, Palau Rock Island Air, was granted permission to begin operations in the fall. The first international flights were expected to start in early 2003. Until then, traffic was handled with a plane.

Palau Country Overview

Visas and admission
Finnish citizen does not need a visa for return to Palau for a trip of less than 90 days. The passport must be valid for 6 months after leaving the country.

Every person participating in the trip must have a valid travel insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of illness or other similar need. Please check the validity of your own insurance and the terms and conditions of the insurance cancellation cover.

Please pay attention to the special nature of your trip and check the coverage of the insurance in that respect as well.

Many dive trips require more extensive insurance. Please check the contents of your insurance with your insurance company.

Currency: The currency of Palau is the dollar (USD). € 1 = about $ 1.12.

Check that your basic vaccinations are valid (tetanus, polio and diphtheria and MPR). Hepatitis A and B vaccinations are recommended for the trip.

Always check the vaccination requirements at the health center or the Vaccination Advice of the Tourist Clinic

Time difference
7 hours

Electric current
The electric current is 120 V / 60 Hz. Sockets are similar to, for example, the United States and Canada.

We stay in safe areas during our trip, but general caution within common sense is desirable throughout the trip.

For more information on traveling in the country, visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.