Palyakka and Pyhä, Finland


Paljakka resort is located near the town of Kajaani, only 20 km from each other. Paljakka is located in one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean places in Finland in the middle of the snow-covered hills of the Paljakan nature reserve. Moreover, meticulous Finnish scientists have found out that the purest snow in the country falls precisely on the territory of Paljakki, thanks to which this resort is considered one of the best in Finland. The slopes of the Paljakka resort provide ample opportunities for both skiers with different levels of skiing and snowboarders. According to petwithsupplies, Palyakka is one of the largest cities in Finland.

Weather in Paljakka

Thanks to snow cannons, the ski season in Paljakka is one of the first to start in Finland.

Those wishing to spend a vacation on the slopes of Paljakka should take care of this in advance: the resort is very popular among Finns and Europeans, who prudently plan their vacation six months before it starts.

Phone numbers

8-10-358-8-phone number

How to get there

The flight from Helsinki to Kajaani lasts 50 minutes, while the train journey on the same route takes 8 hours. Then Kajaani to Paljakki (and Ukkohalla) is about an hour and a half transfer.

Trails of Pagliakki

Skiers of all levels will enjoy the slopes of Paljakki: the beginner lift starts right from the ski school, while the slopes of Jukänkieppi, Jyrkänparras and Louhenrinne challenge even seasoned slalom skiers. 9 tracks are illuminated, which allows you to significantly expand the “skating” time. The resort also has 3 tracks for snowboarders, kilometer-long toboggan runs and 80 km of flat skiing.

Entertainment and attractions of Paljakki

Dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing, competitions and entertainment. Lots of restaurants and bars. In Paljakka there is a cultural and sports center “Palyakka-Talo”, where you can play volleyball, basketball, tennis and many other games.

The resort of Paljakka has a real alpine toboggan run with a length of 1200 meters.


Pyhä is a ski resort in Lapland, located in the Arctic near Mount Pyhätunturi. The ski season here lasts from November to May, there is little snow, but snow cannons cope with the lack of snow cover. Most of the slopes are gentle, which is convenient for families with children and beginners, and for professionals there is an off-piste area. There are no noisy parties in the resort, but there is a large selection of apartments and restaurants where game is excellently prepared.

Near the resort there is another ski area – Luosto, you can ride on both slopes with a single ski pass.

How to get there

  • Plane Helsinki- Rovaniemi (1 hour 40 minutes), then transfer Rovaniemi – Pyhä (2 hours 15 minutes).
  • Train Helsinki – Kemijarvi (8 hours 50 minutes), then transfer Kemijarvi – Pyuhya (1 hour 20 minutes).

Pyuha Hotels

The hotels are built near the slopes and offer a high level of service. There are also deluxe apartments.

Pyhi slopes

The slopes of Pyhä are more known to lovers of extreme descents. A single ski-pass is sold to the lifts of the complex, a bus runs constantly between them (~ 10 EUR).

For fans of snowmobiling, more than 250 km of trails have been laid here, and snowmobiling is also developed. It is here that the most difficult track in Finland with the speaking name “Man’s Cry” is laid. Children’s trails start almost from the hotel. The resort has a ski school where you can order the services of a Russian-speaking instructor, as well as vocational training for children in the basics of skiing.

Entertainment and attractions in Pyha

From Pyhä you can go to the natural center of the Urho-Kekkonen National Park, Tankavaara “gold prospecting village”, Sodankylä local history museum.

Dog and reindeer sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobile safaris, excursions to amethyst caves.

Pyhä, Finland