Physical Activity Ends Up With the Back Pain

Physical Activity can help relieve and end their back pain since it strengthens the back muscles, stretches the back muscles and also helps to give more support to the body and decreases the risk of injury.

However, the physical activity should be regularly practiced, and always under the guidance of a physical education professional or a personal trainer. In addition, the ideal is that a physical therapist to evaluate and track the evolution of the body, to ensure good results and the end of pain in the back.

Physical Activity Ends Up With the Back Pain 1

How physical activity can relieve the pain

For that physical activity can alleviate really pain in the back, especially for those who are starting after a long time stopped, the activity should be practiced 2 to 3 times per week for at least 30 to 60 minutes, especially during the first month.

It is important that physical activity chosen to promote the well-being and that is suitable for your problem and, with the passing of time, the frequency with which the practice activity can be increased to 3 to 5 times per week, according to the benefit senses and pain relief.

What can be causing the back pain

Physical Activity Ends Up With the Back Pain 2

Back pain can have different causes such as muscle injuries, nozzles, parrot, disease, respiratory, scoliosis, or spina bifida, for example, and for each case it may be necessary to carry out a physical activity is different that should be noted by the physiotherapist.

Tips to prevent the pain back again

In addition to practicing regular physical activity, there are other tips for the day-to-day that can prevent the back pain re, as:

  • Sleep with a pillow below and if you sleep on your side or belly up, you should not use the pillow.
  • Avoid stress and relax regularly with massage and essential oils that help your back muscles to relax and rest better;
  • Correct posture and try to walk always with your back straight and sit down with the trunk to the right;
  • Lose weight if you are above ideal weight to avoid overloading of the joints of the column.

Physical Activity Ends Up With the Back Pain 3

These small, daily tips help complement the results of the practice of physical activity, which in addition to help to end the pain in the back will also improve posture, which is one of the main causes of pain in the back.