Points of Diving in Ubatuba

Ubatuba boasts some of the best diving spots of the North coast which combines the features of calm waters, clear and pleasant temperature for snorkeling or cylinder. With average visibility between 8 and 10 m and depths reaching 15 m, the fauna and flora is varied, being a dive for beginners.

Check out the points of diving in Ubatuba

The Isle of Palms is an oceanic island which lies to the South/southeast of Anchieta island with deep ranging between 9:15 meters has the average visibility of 8 metres, with rocky bottom of large stones, forming halls and small caves. Usually attract fish passing through the corridor of current from the high seas with the rear of the Anchieta island. Very good for snorkeling. The two usually run however the tip on the right looking at the continent, have paved full of fish and attractive though with a lot of current. On the back has the oven, where slab is usually giving anchovies.

The Ilha das Couves also considered a small archipelago, has several islets that compose it and two wonderful beaches. With background ranging from 3 to 15 meters, it is very good to check out and your external-facing advanced dives and channel. The visibility is also great on most of the year with an average of 8 meters. In the South-East usually run much, so it is necessary cautiously, especially in night dives. As the inner part, the novice diver there your paradise, is is housed in chains and the background is of the type called didactic, perfect.

The Shaved Island lies in the path toward Ilha das Couves, with background ranging from 12 to 23 meters, it is better suited for more experienced divers, as well as the larger depths, usually run. The visibility is usually too great with an average of 8 m during the year. Your rock formation is well piscosa and attractive, the back facing the open sea has around a parcel, recommended for experienced divers. Worth checking out.

The Victoria Island is the best point of the North Coast and offers all kinds of funds. In the face to the East we have the teacher’s Bag with smaller depths and relief for beginners with depths ranging from 6 metres to 21 metres. The Paiá bag back to the island of Búzios has larger depths ranging from 18 to 27 meters. On the island of the fishermen is also great point to more advanced dives and more funds, as well as the channel that reaches 51 metres. Has parceis as the Southeast and the fishermen for advanced divers. The distance from the coast (about 17 miles) visibility in your most often exceeds 20 meters. The background is very full of fish and is frequented by several schools, including passing whales. Worth checking out.

The Anchieta Island is the more traditional point and indicated to the checkouts. On the face Southeast have the beach from the East and the statue of Cousteau at 9 meters deep. On the face East have the bag of winds, with a depth of 6 meters. In the southwest of the island, we must face the Sack of Ground Stone, great to check out due to depth of 6 to 8 meters and gradual ending stones relief in sand. A little further south we have the South Beach and the so-called Slum bag (divers) with 8 to 10 m Fund, large stones and a lounge which can enter many divers inside. On the South face we have the small island South, with depths ranging from 8 to 15 meters with many fish passing through. By the proximity of the coast to Anchieta island has average visibility of 6 metres.Worth knowing.