Review: Electric Bicycle Lev E-bike L

In the month, the TecMundo analyzed candle 1, an electric bicycle manufactured by the Brazilian startup sailing bikes — and, despite the negative points, we approve it as an excellent means of transportation for urban scenarios. However, many people did not enjoy the retro look of the skinny and complained of the choice of the Pedalec system (i.e. the engine only works when the cyclist is effectively pedaling).

Thinking about it, this time we decided to try a little different product. We went after the LEV (acronym for Light Electric vehicles, or light electric cars), a Carioca company that can be regarded as a pioneer in the manufacture and commercialization of electric bikes here in Brazil. The brand gently allowed say we have, for a week, the E-bike L, its top line model whose suggested price is R $5,590.

Unlike the candle 1, the E-bike L is “almost” a motorcycle, since it has an accelerator in the right fist that dispenses the use of the pedals if the driver is not willing to pedal. Thus, the product reaches the market to conquer those seeking an alternate vehicle for the city, but that is not necessarily interested in doing physical exercises. Check out our review and see what we think of the model!

Design and Construction

As we said in the introduction of this analysis, E-bike L possesses a fairly modern and peculiar look. Its creators have wagered on a step-through (open) frame, which, although it is usually associated with female bicycles, it shows a fairly practical design for allowing the cyclist to mount in the vehicle and disassemble with greater convenience in comparison to a common frame (which you He’s forcing him to throw his leg over the saddle.

The material chosen for the construction of the body was aluminum and it is possible to find the E-bike L in four distinct colours: black, white, grey and red. The model has a front suspension, disc brake on the front wheel and the drum in the rear. The factory bench is foam and fairly comfortable; There is also a second seat on the croup, which can be used to carry luggage (such as the front basket).

The E-bike L is very comfortable to fly. The handlebar is high enough that you don’t need to bend over too much, keeping your back upright and arms lightly flexed. The model has a unique size, but thanks to the adjustments in the seatpost and the table, it is possible to adapt it quickly to drivers of larger or smaller stature — just use conventional Allen keys.

In fact, it is worth noting that the skinny one accompanies the following accessories: a twin battery charger, a basic tool kit and a key sauce with two originals (the ignition and the rear wheel locking) and two spares. Avoiding the waste of raw material, e-bike L instruction manual is sent in electronic bicycle form by email as soon as the buyer leaves the store with his new vehicle following TransportHint.

Connecting the Engine

The L-bike electric motor is installed on the rear wheel of the bike and possesses 250w power — i.e., they are 100w less compared to the candle 1. However, unlike that model previously analyzed, the LEV automobile has an accelerator on the handlebar’s right fist. This means that the skinny one works basically like a motorcycle: just pull the gauntlet back and accelerate according to the need.

To connect the vehicle, you must insert the key into the ignition and rotate it to the right, activating the electrical system. Through a small button positioned just below the throttle, it is possible to completely disconnect the engine aid (first level) or select between three different speed levels (second, third and four level). At its peak performance, E-bike can reach up to 30 km/h with ease on flat terrain.

In the ascent, however, the story is different. The electric motor of the model is not strong enough to face sharp edges, having to pedal at these times in order that the bicycle can complete the path — and even then, the LEV product still loses to sail 1. On the other hand, driving the E-bike L in the plane could not be more entertaining because the accelerator is a hand on the wheel so you don’t get sweaty in your destiny.

It is important to remember also that the automobile has an “autopilot” mode. When you reach a certain speed, simply press this button so that the vehicle will keep the acceleration up without pulling the knob or pedaling. This is an interesting feature to win outhouse long, straight and intense transit, such as Avenida Paulista and Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue in Sao Paulo (just to quote a few routes in which we tested the bike).

L-bike brakes have shown efficient, especially because they also cut the electric power of the motor when triggered. The horn, for being electric, produces a louder sound and draws more attention on the streets than a análogica. Finally, both the front lantern and the rear also pleased us — we just miss arrows to indicate to the drivers when we were going to get into some street or change lanes.


The e-bike L battery possesses 36v and 10 amps, capable of withstanding more or less 30 km of mixed use — i.e., with the user assisting the engine and pedaling at certain times. Of course, autonomy also varies according to the slope of the traveled path. Who faces many slopes in their way will realize that the electric motor lasts a little less compared to those who are always on flat streets.

Overall, however, the autonomy of the LEV model pleases, especially if we take into consideration the fact that we are talking about a vehicle of urban mobility. The recharging time varies from 3 to 5 hours — ideally, you do not let the battery drain completely, ensuring that it does not need to stay in the socket long until it is full and ready for another ride.

Moreover, another positive point is the fact that the battery is easily removed from the E-bike L to be recharged. Simply trigger a saddle latch, lift the seat, insert the key into the ignition and rotate it completely to the left, unlocking the component of your rail. This feature is very important, because the skinny is relatively heavy and the most appropriate is to leave it in the garage/backyard and only take the battery to connect in the socket inside the house.

Dashboard, Usb and Security Features

It is important to comment also on other particularities of E-bike L. The main one is your digital panel — it’s not an LCD screen, but a small piece with LED lights that illuminate to indicate information. This interface allows you to check the power level selected for the engine (as we said earlier, are four options), the battery level, if the headlights are triggered or not and so on.

Unfortunately, a speedometer was missing to indicate the speed of the skinny in real time — a odometer would also be fine. On the other hand, the model comes out of the factory with a USB port beside the left handle that can be used to recharge a cellphone — so just attach your smartphone to the handlebar and use an app that turns the appliance into a moped.

Finally, we emphasize that the E-bike L possesses a safety lock on the rear wheel, which can be triggered and disarmed with one of the keys that the cyclist receives when acquiring the skinny. This prevents someone from mask the vehicle pedaling, but it doesn’t help much if the thief is willing enough to put the bike on his back and go out loading anyway. The use of U-lock chains and locks is still recommended.

Is It Worth It?

The E-Bike L is, in general, an excellent electric bicycle for those who want a lightweight, intuitive and fast vehicle for travel in urban scenarios — as long as you do not confront many lives on the way to work, home, college etc. This is a much more friendly product than sailing 1 and presenting a different proposal from that competitor: instead of focusing on cycling lovers, the model is more appealing to people who do not have the habit of pedaling and/or have no interest in seeing the modal as físic activity The.

The main reason for this is precisely the fact that the skinny one has accelerator, dispensing the use of the pedals most of the time. Its acceleration is smooth and the maximum speed is high enough to accompany cars and motorcycles on large avenues. The piloting position is comfortable for longer paths and the front suspension is a blessing for those who live in potholed towns.

Autonomy is also on the market average, as well as the time required to recharge the batteries. The E-bike L just disappointed us in the lack of power to the climbs (something that will not disturb anyone who is willing to sweat a little) and absence of a speedometer in their digital panel. Moreover, it is a sensational and very entertaining product to fly.

The suggested price of the model is R $5.590 — a high relative investment, but that compensates for the long term. When we are compared to an electric bicycle with a motorcycle, it is important to remember that the skinny one dispenses a series of taxes that fall on the vehicle to combustion.

Moreover, maintenance is much cheaper, electric recharges come out more into account than gasoline and it is not necessary to have CNH and also not to tackle a car like that (at least for now). These are points that need to be taken into consideration before you make any decision.