Rhodes Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Rhodes

The most popular attraction in Rhodes is probably the old town of Rhodes. There you will find charming places, beautiful buildings and churches and a buzzing human life. Bring your camera and explore the old town’s attractions and sights. Rhodes has one of Europe’s finest medieval environments.

Also visit the Mandraki Harbor, which is located between the two city beaches that surround Rhodes Town. Regarding Rhodes city we tip about Suleiman’s Mosque, Grand Master’s Palace, Palazzo Governale and Acropolis.

Rhodes Attractions

Main sights and attractions of Rhodes

Faliraki Water Park
This is one of Europe’s largest water parks and a trip here will surely make you the children’s great hero. Faliraki Water Park is located approximately 13 km south of Rhodes Town and the huge park covers an entire 100,000 square meters. Get ready for black holes, turbo waterfalls, crocodile pool and lots of other fun.

Ostrich Farm & park
This is an ostrich park located in the middle of the island, about 5 kilometers from the west coast. Why not take a trip to Ostrich Park & ​​Farm as a break from lazy days at the beach? Here you meet rare animals in beautiful surroundings. You can also ride a camel, shop different souvenirs (from ostrich) and have a simple lunch. Entry about NOK 50 for adults.

Butterfly Valley
The beautiful Petaloudes Valley (Butterfly Valley) is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find thousands of butterflies of the species Euplagia quadripunctaria rhodosensis. The season is from June to September.

Thermal Baths in Kalithea
Get your body and soul in balance by heading to the thermal baths in Kalithea. Originally, the bathroom was built by Italians in the early 1900s. But that the sources here have a healing effect is something that the locals have known since the “morning of time”.

Today the facility is renovated and you can admire beautiful architecture and beautiful works of art. The beach is picturesque and beautiful, and the water is as clear as possible. A decent cafe gives you food, and buses take you to and from Rhodes.

Aquarium The Rhodes Aquarium is more than an aquarium. There is also a museum and a research center. The building itself is also worth a photograph. A typical Italian Art Deco style.

The aquarium has 40 tanks containing various marine creatures from the Mediterranean and includes octopus, anemones, fish, sea turtles and much more. The aquarium is located in Faliraki on the east coast, about 13 km south of Rhodes.

Rhodes Attractions 2

Tourist in Rhodes

Rhodes is a relatively large island. But that does not mean that tourists are scattered around the island. No, most people who come here for summer holidays stay on the east coast. The reason is natural enough that this is where most of the best beaches are.

To the north-east of Rhodes you will find the capital of Rhodes, and most of the visitors stay there or a maximum of 50 kilometers of pirate along the east coast.

Rhodes Town is by far the largest city on the island of Rhodes. Here you will find two city beaches of decent quality and not least an old town which is both beautiful and nice. The city of Rhodes is close to Diagoras International Airport and is the island’s best in terms of shopping, food and nightlife.

Faliraki is the place for those looking for a large and fine-grained sandy beach. The place is characterized by tourists. Located just 13 kilometers south of Rhodes Town, you have the pleasures of city life close to you.

Faliraki is really suitable for everything from families with children to well-grown adults. But the place is probably most popular for young people who want a lively nightlife as well as proximity to Rhodes Town.

In fact, a good alternative for families with children is even closer to Rhodes, called Kalithea (Kallitheas). Here you will find several good quality hotels and resorts. The beaches are child friendly and there are lots of activities such as. diving, which you can take part in. Kalithea is just 5 kilometers south of Rhodes Town.

Lindos is perhaps the most beautiful (country) city in Rhodes with its intimate streets and white houses. Just outside the city you will find good beaches and the Acropolis. Lindos is located on the east coast, about 47 kilometers south of Rhodes Town, and has several good hotels.

Prasonissi is located on a peninsula at the very southern tip of Rhodes (about 90 km from Rhodes Town). Here there are fewer tourists so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the glass clear water in peace and tolerance.