Route by the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees: Els Empedrats

See Els Empedrats

Today I will talk about one of my favorite mountain routes, which stands out by its hardness both his matchless Majesty: the path of the Empedrats, a tour of the Catalan pre-Pyrenees.

This travel circular of els Empedrats takes place in the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park, located in the catalan Pyrenees. This area is the cradle of famous crossings of mountains such as the Camí dels Bons Homes or the Cavalls del Vent.

Eye! If you like running on easy, flat land and with little demand, this route through the Pyrenees dels Empedrats is not for you. But if you enjoy with the rises pessary, you crazy the downhill techniques, and above all, trail running is your passion, I assure you that this departure was not going to disappoint.

It’s a circuit of 12.3 km away and about 980 m positive slope, beginning the route 906 metres above the sea level in the development of lime Cerdanyola, near the town of Baga, and reaching the 1840 meters above sea level.

This route has two distinct parts:

The rise takes place in the gloomy and refreshing Valley of the Pendísy River, which we will have to cross repeatedly. We will be finding some more manageable sections and others in which we will have to climb among the rocks of the throat, until you reach the refuge Sant Jordi, one of the eight that make up the route of the Cavalls del Vent. Near the shelter we will find the source of the Faig, a good point where to stop to hydrate ourselves and to recover energy. We only have one last effort and we will come to the Hill of Pendísy, point where will culminate the rise.

Conversely, the decline follows the Boixassa, wide back and sunny, with great panoramic of the Cadí and Moixeró mountain ranges. The descent is long, with some technical sections where you have to bring your best weapons to light and other more regular and rapid sections where you can release your legs.

You want to visit Catalonia in summer or spring and trail running is your passion? Then you have an appointment with this route through the Pyrenees in els Empedrats. Tie your shoes and salt to enjoy a good mountain path. In addition, don’t forget to take a dip in one of the many you’ll find along the river. Would you prefer to do the route in autumn or winter? That’s great! You probably find yourself snow in higher elevations of the circuit, but with good sneakers with prominent tacos and some leggings, you’ll spend big on Recipesinthebox.

And remember, the mountain is a wonderful site, but it may be hostile. Do not forget to take with you your backpack or hydration belt, a good windbreaker or raincoat, and some energy product to regain strength when necessary.

See you in the mountains!