SALEWA Looks for 75 Teams for Global Summit Assault

SALEWA celebrates his 75th birthday this year, and looks for 75 teams that storm 75 Summit in July.

What happens exactly?

Target is finding worldwide 75 2 teams to climb the Summit of their dreams in the period around the anniversary, no matter whether Olympic mountain or Manaslu.All what you need to do, is to be a little creative and one small film about themselves on YouTube upload. Then we need to get the most clicks.
Here you can see something looks like:

How is the application?

A short video with following info on YouTube is provided for the application: – introduction of the team – scheduled route – justification, why just this team should be selected.

SALEWA Looks for 75 Teams for Global Summit Assault 1

Who will win?

It’s simple: the team with the most YouTube clicks WINS! The SALEWA Pro team is completely equipped by SALEWA and the tour is accompanied by a professional photographer. The other top 20 teams are dressed up also from head to toe in SALEWA (amounting to about €2000), the remaining winners will receive a cool prize, you can just test on their tour teams.

And as you apply yourself:

  1. Find your partner and invents your tour.
  2. Make a short video of you and the tour.
  3. Upload the video on YouTube and call it “SALEWA 75 -“
  4. It sends all your friends because win only the 75 videos with the most clicks!

SALEWA Looks for 75 Teams for Global Summit Assault 2

As you increase your chances to win:

  • think of a unique tour: you can be particularly difficult, funny or unusual
  • make a video that specialized in a great idea (E.g. Special dialect, worn clothes, video effects, etc.)
  • the global: SALEWA is looking for videos and tours from around the world
  • your community: activate as soon as the video on YouTube is loaded, you can send it to your friends and post on facebook or other communities


Technology: none – the video must be not professional
Language: Make yours – the video in your native language or in English
Tour: each – it doesn’t matter whether it rises on a hill or a real mountain
Sports: each – mountaineering/skiing/climbing/mountain-biking /… everything is allowed

SALEWA Looks for 75 Teams for Global Summit Assault 3

The competition:

  • the top 75 teams be selected mid-June due to your video views on YouTube and the internationality of the videos
  • the top will be 20 teams with a full Interior SALEWA in the who awarded approximately €2000 according to NonprofitDictionary.
  • the remaining teams get the latest SALEWA backpack