SPFW N43: Highlights of the Second Day of Parades

Vitorino Campos Parade (inspiration years 80. For a current and uncomplicated woman. Rereading of classics in nylon, monochrome looks, stripes and chess.
SPFW N43 Highlights of the Second Day of Parades 1

Inspiration in Rock and brand history. 45 years of boldness translated into leather, jeanswear, transparencies and tailoring.
“Brand does a retrospective classic parts like jeans, boot and leather jacket”
Ellus has always been responsible for making memorable parades at São Paulo Fashion Week. The brand has already put on its catwalk the presenter Xuxa and even the tops Alek Wek and Kate Moss.
For this edition 43 of the event, which happened on Tuesday (14), at the biennial, in São Paulo, the Ellus promoted a special parade not only to launch its autumn-winter collection, but also to commemorate its 45 years of existence in the fashion market. On the catwalk, the casting was composed of models of the old and new generation. As the top Model Carol Trentini, who opened the parade, besides Carol Ribeiro, Marcele Bittar and the Brazilian model, with a solid international career Jorge Gelati. For the Birthday collection, the brand has wagered on classics that are sales success as the leather jacket, the jeans and the watch. The Ellus has always been about individuality, street, music. This collection is a synthesis and evolution of everything, “commented Rodolfo Souza, designer of the brand.
SPFW N43 Highlights of the Second Day of Parades 2
Parade of Lolitta (inspiration in the comedy Dell Art with air of years 60. Geometric prints, bulky sleeves. Very lurex in sober tones.
See below the full Event calendar:
10am Animale
13h a Raquel Davidowicz
John Pepper
7:00 p.m. Lilly Sarti
20h Osklen
10am Vitorino Campos
11:00 Rajiv
2:30 Ellus
3:30 Lolitta
SPFW N43 Highlights of the Second Day of Parades 3
5:00 p.m. Gig Couture
6:30 Two Denim
20h PatBo
Villaventura Lino
11am Giuliana Romanno
3:30 m. Isabela Capeto
4:30 Memo
I’m here.
6:30 Apartment 03
9:00 Ellus 2nd Floor
11:00 A La Garçonne
16h Cotton Project
5pm Alexandrine by Batista-Pinkie
SPFW N43 Highlights of the Second Day of Parades 4
6:30 Jain Jabour
8pm Amir Slama
9pm Tig
3pm Ratier
16:00 A. Niemeyer
17:00 Sebrae Top 5
6pm Reserve
7:30 Amapô
8:30 p.m. LAB