Success: Fishing Masters Show

In the Angel Park Weddendorf at Wolfsburg was Carnival mood at the FISHING MASTERS SHOW on June 22. And all who have rank and name in the fishing scene, were there. The huge show dedicated to the subject of fishing attracted more than 5,000 visitors to the Angel Park.

In brilliant sunshine and temperatures around the 30 degrees Celsius was at Angel Park Weddendorf at Wolfsburg Festival mood at the FISHING MASTERS SHOW. And all who have rank and name in the fishing scene, were there. The huge show drew more than 5,000 visitors in the Angel Park. Finally such a concentrated fishing skills on a single body of water is available nowhere else.

Numerous world champion and record holder cast their bait and gave insight into their trick boxes. On land and in the boat the experts demonstrated their fishing techniques. Device manufacturer and dealer presented their latest products. Tour operators informed about the best fisheries around the world.

In addition to the cumulative competence of fishing the numerous were celebrities such as TV star Fritz Wepper, entertainer Werner Schulze Edwin, ice hockey legend Hans Zach, restaurateur Mike of sweet and the actor Axel Pape, Bruno Eyron and Bernd Herzsprung for great enthusiasm among visitors. The Angel-loving beauty surgeon Professor Mang raved about the many perfected methods that today are used by the professionals. “And there are all these special knowledge at the fishing to admire masters show compressed on a body of water.”

Even Germany’s most famous angler Auwa Thiemann, who moderated the show live shows happy.He is convinced: “The future belongs to this spacious, informative and entertaining outdoor event by anglers for anglers.” All who were there, are guaranteed long raving by this day of fishing. And all those who were not there, missed very much.

The whole event served good purposes. In addition to a raffle at the Royal fishing kids help stand, wheel of Fortune at the magazine stand top Jahr special Publisher, as well as the revenues of the entrance fees achieved over 16,000 euros and benefit to 100% the Royal fishing kids help, that supports underprivileged children. Around 2,700 euros from an auction of valuable fishing rods on the big stage of the show go to the flood relief of the MDR, who accompanied the event with a television crew. Also Fritz Wepper was impressed by the generosity: “I’m glad to be here, pleased not only the large interest in fishing. Donations made of the visitor deserves a huge compliment.” Also the caught fish and a few donated on top, serve a good purpose: you are prepared at the Magdeburg table for the needy with a tasty meal.

A big thank you all participants and visitors. We are looking forward to next year!

Now, let’s talk a few impressions. Have fun at the see!