Swedish Bike Fair in Gothenburg Next Year

Road: Bicycle industry launches in conjunction with organisers Great tradeshows Swedish Bicycle fair. The start becomes 3-March 5, 2017 at the Swedish fair in Gothenburg.

Press release:
Swedish Bicycle trade fair is aimed at everyone who likes to ride a bike, whether it’s road cycling, MTB, citypendling, bicycling with the electric bicycle or just ordinary everyday cycling.

At the show, all will be. From the best carbon bikes with elväxel and the toughest mountain bikes to electric bikes and standard bikes for both children and adults. Plus a great range of cycling clothing, bike accessories and a variety of other cykelaccessoarer.

“Our ambition is to gather all the Swedish bicycle industry and anyone interested in bicycle lights to a large, common, and annual meeting place where everyone fits,” says Andreas Haaland, President of the Bicycle industry.
“We want a fair where all forms of cycling can meet and where cycling can actually manifest during a whole week in Gothenburg, Andreas continues.

The first Swedish Bicycle trade fair will premiere on 3 and 5 April 2017 in Swedish exhibition facilities in Gothenburg. In addition to the exhibition will also include the Swedish Bicycle exhibition seminars, presentations, debates, training, try-on, shows and much more. It will also be the prime of Bike Parliament arranged by Swedish cycling.

“It will be three jam-packed exhibition days, says Joakim Stenberg, President of the industry association Bicycle industry, which is one of the organizers.
“We’ll have lots of inspiring presentations on the main stage-the heart of the exhibition – on everything from competitive cycling to exotic bike adventure, says Joakim Stenberg.