Swim 1500 Meters 2 Times Per Week

The distances of races and bike scares me not, but it makes the distance of swimming, especially when I think of how “good” I swim the crawl at the present time. A month ago I had problems with that swim 2 courses in 25 meter pool, crawl without swallowing water in large quantities, misted the weather and thereby destroy my rhythm, if one can claim that I had such.

I have now flooded twice a week for a month and I can already mark considerable progress. It is now possible to swim around 1000 m in 50 meter pool. There is no doubt I’m tired and the style is lousy at the last courses, but I am proud and happy.

I have a program that suggests that I should swim 1500 meters 2 times per week as required and further 1000 meter as optional. It’s not going to happen within the week or 2, but I invests heavily in swimming until I have mastered the technique.

It is really hard but I have to say that it is very fun once in a while when I can feel that I have a hold of something of the right. It can be recommended.