Tahiti – A sunny island paradise in the Pacific

Turquoise blue lagoons, clear water, spectacular sunsets and Polynesian delicacies. Luxury and sun will be sought for Tahiti. Although the journey is long and expensive, the islands offer just the kind of dream vacation that many dream of. The unhurriedness and the relaxed lifestyle of the Tahitians will catch on to the tourists as well. Suddenly there is no more rush to anything.



Pacific Tahiti belongs to France

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti belongs to French Polynesia, which in turn belongs, as its name implies, to European France .

French Polynesia is made up of numerous larger and smaller islands, the most famous of which are Tahiti, Moore and Bora Bora. Of these, Tahiti is the main island in the archipelago, which also houses an international airport.

Tahiti and other islands in French Polynesia are tropical beach resorts that are great for honeymooners, families with children as well as other vacationers. Tahiti also hits the route of many world travelers. In addition to the beaches, Tahiti also has a lot to offer for tourists interested in nature.


Warm all year round

Tahiti has a tropical warm climate all year round, so you can travel to the islands in any season. In winter, from November to April, rainfall becomes more abundant and the air is hot and humid. From May to October it is drier and cooler.

Tahiti will be a beach holiday and there are many magnificent lagoons to be found. Water activities are plentiful, ranging from diving and snorkelling to surfing and sailing. The water is very warm, about 25 degrees all year round, so you can enjoy the water for long periods of time. However, it is worth remembering that the sun is very scorching here, so effective sun protection is necessary even on a cloudy day and especially by the water.

Nature trips and black pearls

In addition to the beaches, the islands also have good walking trails in lush forests and mountains. Holy places and ancient ruins associated with Polynesian culture can also be found all over the islands. Tahiti and other islands can be explored on their own by car or scooter. The nature and culture of the islands can also be easily explored by bicycle.

There is some shopping in the capital Papeete and around the hotel. Tahiti is especially famous for its black pearls as well as its Monoi oil.

French is spoken in Tahiti, but English is usually good. Tahiti is a safe destination, but you should take care of your property and always lock the doors and windows of your hotel room or bungalow when you leave. The price level is approximately the same as in Finland.



A long trip is worth it

You can get to Tahiti from Finland, for example, by booking a trip through a tour operator. You can also travel independently. Flights to Tahiti are mainly from New Zealand, the USA, Japan and Chile via the Easter Islands.

Flights cost about two thousand euros. Tahiti International Airport is in Papeete, with flights to other French Polynesian islands.

Affordable accommodation is also available

Tahiti is often easily perceived as a luxury destination, inhabited by five-star hotels and private beach bungalows. Of course, these can be found in abundance in Tahiti, but cheaper accommodation options are also available. Small bed and breakfasts and hostels can be found, especially on the island of Tahiti and Moore.

Accommodation should be booked in advance, as distances between hostels and hotels can be long, and finding accommodation on site can be time consuming and cumbersome.

The easiest way to get around is with your own car or scooter

On the island of Tahiti, especially near Papeete, local buses run during the day. There is no public transport in the evening. On other islands, public transport is almost non-existent, and buses may only run one or two a day. Taking a taxi is expensive.

In Tahiti, it is easiest to travel either on foot or rent a car or scooter. A rental car or scooter will also allow you to explore the islands more widely. The bicycle is also an excellent means of transport.


The main island of Tahiti

The main island of Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest island in the archipelago and can be unnecessarily lively for those seeking peace. The farther you go from the capital Papeete, the calmer and more uninhabited the island becomes.

The best beaches in Tahiti can be found on the south side of the island, about ten kilometers from Papeete near Puna’auia. There are great walking and hiking trails in the middle of the island and in Papeete you can spend a day exploring the shops and sitting in the cafes and restaurants.

Moore is suitable for divers

The Moorea has excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities. Snorkeling is immediately accessible from the beach, which is shallow for a long time, but corals and colorful fish can be seen immediately. Canoeing is also popular. The best beaches are in Hauru Point.

Moorea is also worth a visit to the Belvedere Lookout, which has great views over the island. There are archeological ruins, marae, around the island, which usually have information boards about the place and its history.

Luxury life in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the most expensive island in French Polynesia and corresponds to the most image of paradise. The island is popular with luxury seekers and honeymooners.

In Bora Bora, the lagoons are the biggest attraction and there are many different water-related activities. The whole island is easy to get around in one day and there are plenty of good vantage points along the way.