Tanzania 2002

Yearbook 2002

Tanzania. According to Countryaah website, national day of Tanzania is every December 9. The UK held the equivalent of just over SEK 140 million. in aid since Tanzania decided to buy an air traffic controller system for SEK 400 million. The British aid authority felt that the purchase was in breach of Tanzania’s promise to prioritize poverty reduction and that a different and much cheaper traffic management system could have been found.

Tanzania Border Countries Map

The World Bank also talked about “waste”. The World Bank irritation was diluted following an order for an aircraft to President Benjamin Mkapa for the equivalent of SEK 200 million. British aid was paid when the London government found that the contract for the air traffic control system could not be breached.

In May, in Dar es Salaam, a new WEB site for Parliament was announced, which became known under its English abbreviation POLICE (Parliamentary Online Information System). The site aims to explain Parliament’s legislative work and plans to the public. The government declared it expected the site to be one of the most visited in the country. POLICE was funded by the UNDP, and the UN Development Program’s local head, Malloch Brown, declared that “democracy in this way stuck out its tentacles”. The same was declared by President Pius Msekwa. Acc. Msekwa is information from Parliament in the hands of the people central to promoting the democratic process and to making the government’s work transparent to the public.

Acc. information from various organizations had only 300,000 of Tanzania’s population of 35 million. however, access to the Internet in 2002. In 2004, there were 23 providers in the country, and most Internet users used Internet cafes as an access road. Prices here are lower than in other African countries.

Opposition leader in parliament, Wilfred Lwakatare, on the other hand, declared that the inauguration was a big show, since many government ministers don’t even have computers in their offices.

In July, authorities responsible for the country’s fauna investigated the deaths of 10,000 Flamengoers in Manyara National Park Lake east of the Rift Valley. Reports indicated that the flamengoes had died of toxins from algae. About 300 bird species live on the lake, including 3 million. flame goer.

A group of experts noted in September 2004 that by 2010 it would be possible to reduce the number of malaria cases in Tanzania by half. For that to be possible, the population must start using the mosquito net treated with insecticide. It reduces the number of malaria cases by over 80% and kills 50% of the mosquitoes that enter the homes today. About 100,000 Tanzanians die annually from malaria, which equates to a death of approx. every 5 minutes. The experts also pointed out that using the mosquito net around the children’s beds will reduce the child mortality due to the disease by 27%.

The December 2004 tsunami that hit Southeast Asia also crossed the Indian Ocean, killing 10 people along the coast of Tanzania.

In March-April 2005, serious clashes occurred in Zanzibar ifbm. voter registration up to the October elections. The Civil Unity Front stated that it was a planned campaign by the ruling party to avoid electoral defeat. The ruling party retained its absolute 53% majority in the elections in Zanzibar and Karume was re-elected as president. On election day itself, supporters of the opposition repeatedly clashed with police.