The Hollywood Walk of Fame for Tourists

The stars on Hollywood Boulevard attract millions of people from around the world year after year. Some travel to Hollywood because it’s a must on a California vacation. Others would like to pose for a photo or several with their idol’s badge.

And especially on the birthdays or deaths of well-known stars, numerous fans make a pilgrimage to the star of their idol to place flowers, cards and similar things in honor of the celebrity concerned.

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Some numbers, data and facts before your visit

  • • Muhammad Ali’s star is the only one who, at the request of the boxing legend, was not let into the sidewalk. It’s not on the floor, but on the wall of the Dolby Theater (Kodak Theater).
  • Gene Autry is the only person to have received a Hollywood star in every category to date.
  • Four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have been stolen so far and had to be replaced by copies. These are the stars of Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck and James Stewart and one of the five stars of Gene Autry.
  • Time and again there are typographical errors in the production of the Hollywood stars. The last such breakdown occurred in 2010.
  • In front of the Chinese Theater you will mainly find honors from the world of show business. Including many legendary celebrities, the so-called “Hollywood Royalty”.
  • Oscar winners are more likely to be found in front of the Dolby Theater.
  • Sixteen stars are named by their stage name only. These include, for example, the singer Shakira and the legendary escapologist and magician Houdini.
  • Each two stars have the same name, but honor different personalities. This affects Harrison Ford and Michael Jackson and ultimately led to fans making pilgrimages to the wrong star after the death of the King of Pop in 2009 and placing flowers and candles there.
  • The largest group represented by a single plaque are the Munchkins from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.
  • Ten inventors were honored with Hollywood stars for their achievements in the film industry: Thomas Edison, Lee de Forest, Merian C. Cooper, Herbert Kalmus, Auguste and Louis Lumière, Mark Serrurier, Hedy Lamarr and Ray Dolby.
  • Two later US presidents received a Hollywood star as an award: Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.
  • Occasionally, the location of the awards is chosen with a twinkle in the eye. Mike Myers plaque is in front of an adult shop, Roger Moore’s star was placed on 7007 Hollywood Boulevard based on his performance as James Bond and Ed O’Neill’s Hollywood star was known from “A Terribly Nice Family” based on his role in of the series in front of a shoe store.

The best time to visit the Los Angeles attraction

Hollywood is located in the north of Los Angeles, with Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue in the west and Gower Street in the east being the tourist center. Since not only the Walk of Fame is located here, but also other well-known sights, there are many people here all year round and also numerous people who would like to sell tours to the houses of the stars and more. At least in terms of temperatures, spring is considered the best time to travel. Ceremonies usually take place every couple of weeks and typically last around 45 minutes.

Attend a star unveiling on the Walk of Fame

In principle, anyone can participate in the unveiling of a badge free of charge. And since around 20 to 24 stars are awarded each year, the chances are good that a ceremony will also take place on Hollywood Boulevard during your vacation in California. However, the dates are usually only announced one week before the ceremony. The ceremonies start at 11:30 a.m. and end at 12:15 p.m.

There is a public viewing area at all ceremonies on the Walk of Fame. Access to the spectator area is free. However, neither chairs nor step ladders are allowed there. You should therefore wear comfortable shoes, bring enough drinks and protect yourself from the sun.

If you want it to be more comfortable, you can also watch the unveiling via livestream attend. The live view of the stars, who often attend the award with their husbands, wives or even their entire family and are often accompanied by other celebrities during their appearance, will, however, escape you.

For an overview of the upcoming revelations, visit You can also use the star search on the website to search for your favorite star and find out the location of their badge.

In the immediate vicinity: the hand and shoe prints at the TCL Chinese Theater

The TCL Chinese Theater (former name: Grauman’s Chinese Theater) in the west of Hollywood Boulevard is at least as worth seeing as the Walk of Fame. Because in the inner courtyard of the building there are the hand and footprints of around 200 stars embedded in concrete, an even more personal memory than the stars. According to legend, the actress Norma Talmadge is said to have gotten stuck here with her shoes in the still damp cement and thus initiated this tradition. Officially the first were Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, whose imprints were taken during a formal ceremony. Grauman’s Chinese Theater opened on May 18, 1927

Many more followed, leaving hand and footprints and some other prints or personal messages. The hoof prints of the horses of the western heroes Gene Autry, Tom Mix and Roy Rogers are immortalized at the former Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The traces of the cast of the globally successful formats “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” are more current.

The tradition of leaving your handprints and footprints there goes back to the 20s of the previous century and even today it is a great honor to be immortalized here. Visiting the inner courtyard with the foot and hand prints is free. However, there is usually a large crowd here too. Also worth seeing is the imposing entrance gate of the TCL Chinese Theater made of 27 meter high red columns.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame for Tourists