Therm-a-Rest Extends Neoair Line

The American outdoor manufacturer Cascade Designs presents the first of Therm-a-Rest NeoAir mat for all four seasons. The ultra light and compact all-season Therm-a-rest NeoAir was developed based on patent-pending technologies that offer an exceptional stability, comfort and warmth while sleeping outside.

The four seasons NeoAir uses an effective combination of two technologies: from the patent of pending, multilayer reflective barrier and the triangular core matrix. This provides for a dramatically increased thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss through air exchange. The different layers of the reflective barrier reduce the convection heat loss to the ground and at the same time reflect the heat to the lying. The triangular core matrix technology, an internal air chambers system, creates a matrix of hundreds of individual cells inside the mats, which reduces the exchange of warm air in the mat, creating more stability when sleeping and minimizes especially convection heat loss. The typical restless sleep on air mattresses from now on belongs to the past, nothing in the way is a quiet and comfortable tent.
According to Campingtopgear, the result is a comfortable, exceptionally lightweight mat with a small pack size, which is also five times warmer than other similar mats.

The new four seasons version extends the existing three seasons models the Therm-a-rest air mattress collection – the original NeoAir and the NeoAir Trekkerrecently introduced. All Therm-a-rest air mattresses can be inflated with the mouth without that one must worry about any moisture inside the mat. Also she can be blown up pump with the feather-light, new Therm-a-rest AirTap.

The technical details :

  • Size: 51 x 168 cm (medium), 51 x 183 cm (regular), 63 x 196 cm (large)
  • Pack size: 28 x 11 cm (medium), 28 x 11.5 cm (regular), 33 x 12 cm (large)
  • Weight: 510 g (medium), 540 g (regular), 710 g (large)
  • R-value: 4.9
  • Thickness: 6.3 cm
  • Repair Kit and Pack sack air pump included

The new four seasons NeoAir celebrates its debut in January at the OR (outdoor retailer winter market) in the USA and in Europe at the beginning of February 2011 ispo in Munich. The mat is available from July 2011 in the trade. Prices are not known yet.