Things to Do in Malta

Arrival to Malta

The easiest and fastest way to get to Malta is by plane . Depending on where you are starting from, the flight to the international airport in Malta takes a little more than two hours.

If you want to travel from Vienna, you can book direct flights with Air Malta . Air Malta will be flying direct from Vienna 5 times a week until the end of October . From November onwards , the island in the heart of the Mediterranean will be visited 6 times a week. You can book a return flight from around € 106 (for appointments in October and November). With this offer you have the GoLight tariff including 10 kg hand luggage. With other airlines, such tariffs usually only include 8 kg of hand luggage.

Short break in Malta

The size of the island state and the proximity to Austria is ideal for a short vacation in Malta. After a flight time of around two and a half hours you will reach the archipelago and look forward to a short break full of sun, relaxation and enjoyment. During a short break in Malta of three days, for example, you cannot visit all the highlights of the archipelago, but the most important things such as Valletta, Golden Bay and a trip to Gozo are easy to do. With a five-day Malta short break, more sightseeing points are covered and you don’t have to stress yourself. It is best to make a plan of what you want to see and experience before your holiday in Malta and then determine the length of your stay.

Accommodation in Malta

Malta is one of the dwarf states in Europe, but you still have a large selection of different accommodations. Whether you should book a hotel , an apartment or an Airbnb depends entirely on your own preferences.

Hotels in Malta

The main island of Malta in particular offers you a lot of hotels where you can spend a wonderful time. There is a wide variety of offers such as a hotel including breakfast, a central hotel in Malta’s capital Valletta or a hotel with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. You will also find beautiful hotels here, which are located on the sister island of Gozo. Take a look at the selection, there is guaranteed to be the perfect hotel for everyone’s Malta vacation !

Apartments and holiday homes in Malta

Many tourists prefer privacy on their vacation. That is why apartments and holiday homes in Malta are the first choice for many. Here you can plan your day completely independently of meal times, take care of yourself and live carefree into the day. Airbnbs in Malta offer you this free feeling . You can travel alone, as a couple or in a larger group and have a great time in the beautiful island nation.

Car rental in Malta

Those who want to explore the Malta archipelago can either grab a rental car to explore the island independently or take the bus. This is generally considered reliable, but it can happen that a bus passes the bus stop when it is already fully occupied. It is much less stressful and independent if you drive to one of the numerous rental car companies after your arrival in Malta and rent a car. You can also book the rental car in advance via the Internet. An important tip: ideally choose comprehensive insurance that protects you well. The Maltese drive quickly, the streets are often very narrow and left-hand traffic can sometimes be quite confusing. However, if you are out of the city for the first time, you can enjoy the ride to the fullest. The Coast Road, for example, makes it easy to explore Malta by rental car.

Activities in Malta

If you want to spice up your Malta vacation with some sporting activities , you are offered numerous possibilities. Whether on land or in the water – Malta can offer more than historic buildings and beautiful beaches!

All three inhabited islands of Malta are ideal for exciting diving trips . Impressive reefs, mysterious caves and sunken ships await you at the various diving spots. If you can’t dive yet, you can learn it in one of the diving schools on site.

The Maltese archipelago is particularly popular with hikers. There are hiking routes and trails for everyone. If you hike along the imposing cliffs, you will get goose bumps in the wonderful views. But you can also take easy walks in a neighboring village on your Malta vacation when you are after a break from the beach.

Overall, Malta can be described as a real sports paradise in the Mediterranean. You can find out how you get your sporting costs in my detailed article about the activities in Malta .

Maltese cuisine

The location of the archipelago in the Mediterranean region is the reason for the largely Mediterranean cuisine in Malta. But the influences of the Italians and British cannot be denied either. So you get a classic English breakfast in many parts of the island . If you like to try new things, you will quickly notice that the Maltese cuisine is oriental. Above all, the use of oriental spices makes the Maltese cuisine something special. Since the barren landscapes of the islands offer little food for farm animals, you will rarely find meat on the plates of the restaurants. Rabbit meat, on the other hand, is available in the Fenek dish. Vegetables and fresh fish are the most common dishes in Maltese cuisine. Here are some of the classic dishes from Malta:

  • Gbjniet : local sheep cheese eaten with olives and bread as a snack
  • Bigilla : black paste made from broad beans and garlic
  • Fenek : rabbit stew with tomatoes and red wine
  • Hobz biz-zjet : sourdough bread filled with various ingredients such as tuna, garlic, tomatoes, mint or anchovies
  • Aljotta : spicy fish soup

If you want to find out more information about Maltese cuisine and get great restaurant tips for Malta, you will find all of this in my article Malta culinary .