Three Mountains: New Continentallag and Bike Race

Road: Today presented the new proffsstallet Team three mountains-Bianchi, where Thomas Löfkvist becomes the team’s general manager. Supports ex-pro in road investment make a trio Directeur sportifs, among them the women’s head coach Martin Vestby. The effort also includes Bernt Johansson, Olympic gold medallist from Montreal in 1976.

The project promoter is Kristian Wejshag from Crowd, best known as an entrepreneur in the areas of music and events, but which now gives in to the bike world:

“I asked myself the question” Why can’t we have a large and good Pro team in Sweden with the talent and the skills we have? ” I give me not out to cycling, and therefore I am working together with Löfkvist, who last fall decided to put his long and successful career on the shelf. I will do what I can to push this extremely interesting project forward.

The idea is that Team three mountains-Bianchi to be the natural springboard for Swedish cyclists who aim to get on to Pro Continental and World Tour – that is to say the highest cycle port divisions.

La Monaco – who has been teammates with world stars such as Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome – in his new role will be to work to develop Swedish talent with an eye on the international cycling scene. See Shoppingpicks for LED bike headlights.

“We have brought to us the most interesting athletes who are in the country. Young, ambitious cyclists who come up and want to win races, while we cannot manage without experience, which is why we focus on an aging commercial mix. One of our riders whose capacity is out of the ordinary is Jeff F-K, a 20-year-old who will get the space and the time he needs to develop in the best way. Among the cyclists with greater experience we have, for example, Alexander Gingsjö and Alexander Wetterhall, with both the European cup victories and SM-gold medals under their belts.

General manager
Thomas Löfkvist

Directeur sportifs
Martin Vestby, Stefan Adamsson, John N

Alexander Gingsjö, Alexander Wetterhall, Sebastian Balk, Nicklas Gustavsson, Kim Magnusson, Alexander F-K, Jeff F-K, Lucas Eriksson, Louis Bengtsson, Gustav Ha.

Bianchi, Toveks Car, ShimanoTec

The Organization, which has its geographical base in Skara and Falköping, will also arrange a private bike race with exercise and competition classes, the course passes Mösseberg, billingen and Kinnekulle. Where the name – three mountains.

“It’s a perfect bicycle environment, with great variety of plains, woodland and mountains.Ban the profile is quite challenging, but not worse than that anyone with a bit of training in the legs can get around, says three mountains-Ambassador, Bernt Johansson.

6 september 2015

Start and finish

For recreational athletes, there are two routes to choose from: The Race, which is 180 kilometers, and Half the Way at 90 kilometers.

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