Tricks to Not Get Bogged Down in The Pool

Saw122 commented in a post a while ago that it does not advance with the swimming training, even if you do the workouts not progressing and that I did not know what to do. The plateaus usually occur for various reasons, so it is important to analyze what we’re doing and what we want to achieve.

As we have said on some occasions, the body is wise and is usually accustomed to situations that put you at the front (e.g. training). There comes a time in which a lack or excess of intensity in the training It takes the body to a vicious circle in which it is impossible to move forward. This is the first point, know if the intensity is suited.

The best solution is vary the training, as Einstein said: If you want to get different results do not do the same. Think if the coaches are very hard or loose instead. Complemented with strength exercises the gym and aerobic activities: running or cycling. Cross training is normally spark missing forward.

Another point on the subject of swimming is the technique. There comes a time that by very good physical shape that we have, if the technical fault will not swim faster. Rethink your swimming technique and focus not only on swimming in quantity, but in quality, doing sets of legs, arms, using the table and the boy pull. Here a qualified trainer who knows how to develop technique is essential.

And first of all patience and good food. Sometimes the fruits of training soon see. And let’s not forget good sleep and food, without them it will be impossible to pay the maximum or overcome.