Trinidad and Tobago Travel

A trip to Trinidad and Tobago is a trip to a distant world. Everything can be found on the islands – from cultural diversity to lush nature that is well worth exploring. A colorful mixture of peoples, religions and skin colors make Trinidad and Tobago something very special.

Two island beauties perfect to enjoy

Nature is at least as colorful as the population: In Trinidad and Tobago there are tropical fruits and spices, dense forests and a lush bird life. The islands are particularly popular with ornithologists, who find a biodiversity here that many countries can only dream of. The ” La Brea Pitch Lake “, a natural asphalt lake, is definitely worth a visit! Experience the two islands on a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

Travel information in brief

Travel time

Trinidad & Tobago has a tropical climate. It is influenced by the sea and the trade winds. Average temperatures in the capital Port of Spain are 28 ° C. The rainy season lasts from June to December. In the rainy season it is mostly sunny in the morning, a tropical shower falls in the afternoon and the evenings have a pleasant temperature. The rainy season is also interrupted by consistently sunny days. The dry season is from January to May. The climate on Tobago is a little cooler than that of Trinidad. The evenings in particular can get chilly.

Currency / money

The currency of Trinidad & Tobago is the Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD). You can get this in some hotels and most banks in exchange for common currencies. However, some banks only change US dollars. Most banks also accept travelers checks. Payment with major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa is possible in many places. You will find the possibility of withdrawing money at the larger banks. Here you can withdraw money with a credit card and sometimes also with an EC card with a PIN.


The Federal Foreign Office recommends vaccination against money fever when traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, as transmission is possible in Trinidad – with the exception of the urban area of ​​Port of Spain. It is also advisable to have the standard vaccinations according to the Robert Koch Institute. These are tetanus, diphtheria pertussis (whooping cough), possibly measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and influenza and hepatitis A. In any case, speak to your doctor in advance of your trip about the necessary vaccination protection for a trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

Visa / entry

German citizens do not need a visa for a single entry and a stay of up to 90 days. To enter the country, you need a passport that is still valid for 6 months and a valid return flight ticket. Every traveler, including children, needs their own identification document. The requirements of individual airlines for the documents to be carried by their passengers can in individual cases differ from the state regulations. Please also inquire with the respective airline before commencing your journey.

A trip to Trinidad… a trip to a distant world

Shortly before you reach the South American continent, you come across the island of Trinidad. Once connected to mainland South America, it is not, unlike most of its neighboring islands, of volcanic origin. Everything can be found on the island – from cultural diversity to lush nature that is worth exploring. A colorful mixture of peoples, religions and skin colors make Trinidad something very special. The whole island gets out of hand when it’s carnival time. Then you can hear the music of the Calypso bands from all corners of the world, from morning to night.

If you want to withdraw from it at some point, you will find peace and relaxation in the tropical rainforests. The Trinidadian nature is just as colorful as its society: In the markets, the tropical fruits and spices beguile all the senses. More than 600 different birds and around 400 species of butterflies live in the rainforest and mangroves. On a hike through the forest you will also find numerous orchids and bromeliads that entwine around the giant jungle. In addition, dreamy sandy beaches invite you to take a dip in the cool water.

Trinidad and Tobago Travel