US 319 in Georgia


US 319
Get started Moncrief
End Wadley
Length 215 mi
Length 346 km
  • Florida
  • Thomasville
  • Moultrie
  • Tifton
  • Ocilla
  • Jacksonville
  • McRae
  • Dublin
  • Wrightsville
  • Bartow
  • Wadley

According to, US 319 is a US Highway in the US state of Georgia. The route forms a secondary north-south route through the south and center of the state. The road is 346 kilometers long and does not pass through major cities.

Travel directions

US 319 in Florida comes from the state capital Tallahassee and reaches the state line between Florida and Georgia halfway between Tallahassee and Thomasville. US 319 is a 2×2 divided highway at this point. After driving for 25 kilometers through thick forests, you reach the town of Thomasville, which has a western and northern bypass. This is where the US 84 crosses. North of Thomasville, US 319 also has 4 lanes, but on a narrower profile, partly as a narrow 4-lane highway and partly as a 5-lane center turn lane. North of Thomasville, the forests become less dense and there are also meadows. The road has a bypass at Moultrie and then reaches theInterstate 75 at Tifton.

US 319 and US 82 then run together through the center of Tifton, after which both routes split on the east side of the town. US 319 runs roughly in a northeasterly direction, but has stretches due north and stretches due east. The road here has a more secondary character and is a two-lane road almost everywhere. Between Ocilla and Fitzgerald US 319 is double numbered with US 129, after which one crosses the Ocmulgee River south of Jacksonville, from here US 319 is also double numbered with US 441.

US 319 then passes through McRae, a small town but regional highway hub in central Georgia. Here you cross the US 23, US 280 and US 341, so that 5 US Highways come together here. US 319 then continues north through mostly wooded areas and connects to Interstate 16 south of Dublin. Dublin is a regional town where US 319 has a short double numbering with US 80, but US 441 splits off from US 319 again here. US 80/319 through Dublin has 2×2 lanes for a short time and crosses the Oconee River.

The last part of US 319 then runs in a northeasterly direction, also through predominantly forested area. Just before the terminus, US 319 has a short double numbering with US 221 in Bartow, after which US 319 turns east in Bartow and then ends a few kilometers to the east on US 1 in Wadley.


US 319 was added to the US Highways network in 1933, but at the time only passed through Florida. In 1937 the northern terminus was changed from Tallahassee, Florida to Thomasville, in the extreme south of Georgia, making US 319 only 15 miles through Georgia. In 1941, the northern terminus was changed to US 41 at Wenona, just south of Cordele. In 1945 the terminus was changed to Wadley, this route was more easterly than the 1941 route, which was numbered State Route 33. The town of Moultrie was the fork of the old and current route of US 319.

The US 319 runs somewhat artificially through the grid and only serves a small number of places larger than 5,000 inhabitants. On the official state highway map, the Tifton – Wadley section in particular has been considered a secondary route since the 1980s.

The southern portion of US 319 is part of the fastest route between Atlanta and Tallahassee. The main upgrades to US 319 were on the southern portion, the first being a Moultrie diversion in the first half of the 1980s. Presumably in the 1980s, the stretch from Moultrie to Tifton was widened to a narrow 4-lane road. About 1992-1993, US 319 between the Florida and Thomasville border was widened to a 2×2 divided highway as part of the Governor’s Road Improvement Program. About 2000, US 319 between Thomasville and Moultrie was widened to a 4-lane road, in part with a 5th center turn lane.

Veterans Parkway (Savannah)

Get started Savannah
End Savannah
Length 6 mi
Length 10 km
Abercon StreetChatham Parkway

The Veterans Parkway is a parkway and freeway in the U.S. state of Georgia. The highway is located in the southwest of the city of Savannah and is 10 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The Veterans Parkway connects Abercon Street in the southwest with Interstate 516 in Savannah. The highway has 2×2 lanes and runs through low-lying coastal area that is densely forested. The highway runs along the west side of the Hunter Army Airfield and has only one junction apart from the start and end point. The highway is sometimes called the Southwest Bypass.

Road management

The Veterans Parkway is in Chatham County administration. It is one of the few freeways in the United States operated by a local government. The highway is unnumbered.


The highway was constructed in the mid-1990s and opened to traffic in 1996.

US 319 in Georgia