What to Do in Fernando de Noronha-PE

Fernando de Noronha is to be tanned in and out of the water, with boat trips, buggy trips, through dips and hiking on trails. The island is small – has only 17 square kilometers, but offers much to see and do. Get organized not to waste even a minute in the coveted piece of paradise.

Noronha is divided into two strands – the sea inside, back to Brazil; and the sea outside, back to Africa. The crystalline water beaches are facing the country, among them, the most beautiful of the island: Cacimba do Padre, Bay of pigs and Sancho. It is this side that the sun goes down, bringing tourists and locals in Praia do Cachorro and Conceição. Regardless of the chosen side, don’t forget your mask and snorkel – in any of the beaches, rich marine life is amazing. Take water and snacks, since there is no infrastructure of stalls in most beaches. And don’t forget to bring your garbage back.

The diving is the number one sport in Noronha, but the island offers activities to the supporters of other sports such as surfing, practiced in the summer, when the waves form spectacular tubes on the beaches of Boldro, Conceição, Cacimba do Padre, and. The planasub, or “Diving the trailer” was created in Noronha and is an option to see the beauties of the seabed without the need to perform a deep dive. Kayaks and several trails invite you to relax while admiring the whimsical landscape. And still have the snorkeling, monitoring required of all other activities.


The evening events start early, with daily lectures at the visitors ‘ Centre – Ibama headquarters and the Tamar project. Every day, from 8:30 pm, there’s presentation of documentaries and debates with free admission. Among the themes are dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, Atol das Rocas and the Marine Park of Noronha. From there, the following is for the Dog’s Bar and forró dance with your feet in the sand.

In the evenings and full moon is common luau in praia da Conceição, organized by Dudley King tent.

Dog bar
The lively “forró”, which brings together locals and tourists, there’s no time to finish.
End: Tourist Terminal, s/n
Tel: (81) 3619-0165

Visitor Center of the National Marine Park
TAMAR space gets crowded during the lectures. It is advisable to arrive a little early to ensure a seat.


The three beaches offers the most beautiful scenarios of Noronha, up and down d ´ water. Stay in the mar de dentro, side by side. Access to Sancho is not of the easiest, but the sacrifice is worth it to dive into the clear waters full of fish and enjoy the Hill two brothers of beautiful angles.

Praia do Sancho – the number 1 from Brazil!

With crystal clear waters and coral banks, praia do Sancho is considered one of the best points of Brazil for snorkeling. At the time of spawning of sea turtles, between January and June, the 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. is closed. Access is not easy, being made from the top of a cliff with spectacular view.There begins the stairway jammed in the rock that leads to white sand. The beach, however, is one of the few where the vessels are permitted to shower, being an option for those who don’t dig the adventure by the staircase. The boats are usually moored about 40 minutes of diving. This is where there is the waterfall of Sancho. An incredible sight.

Bay of pigs-the second prettiest of Brazil

Access is easy. You can reach the Bay of pigs on foot, coming from the Cacimba do Padre in a quick walk of 15 minutes in the sand, in addition to a small patch of rocks. The effort is rewarded by the small beach with narrow sand Strip and many stones that form pools of transparent waters. The most high seawall and the view of the mount two brothers complete the look. The diving here is practically mandatory.

Lion’s Beach – the third most beautiful of Brazil

Is the highlight of the so-called sea outside. Extensive, with blue and green water, the beach is chosen by the sea turtles to lay eggs in the period from January to June. With very quiet movement, was named on account of the huge rock formation within the sea that vaguely resembles a sea lion lying down. Next is the Hill of the little widow and, in two formations, a multitude of nests makes the place a bird sanctuary.


The ride of bugue lasts all day and leads to most of the beaches of the archipelago – the seas from inside and out – with stops for snorkeling. It also includes the viewpoints and the Vila dos Remédios. Is an option for those who do not want to rent a car.

The Island Tour can be scheduled in advance with Ajith, telephone (81) 9735-9370/9954-5203/3619-1409/9651-2986 (or in your own Hostel). If possible, let me know you saw this contact through the trails and Adventures. The trip is paid, but you get a discount. How about?


The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is the main and most beautiful Brazilian Marine Park, being regarded as one of the best places for diving in the world. Here, in General, one can enjoy a visibility up to 50 meters.

The variety of diving spots allows local businesses to offer tour options for all types of divers, whether experienced or beginners, and also making the baptism of who doesn’t know the beauties of the sea.

In the archipelago, there are 16 main points for diving. Check in the table below.

of Diving
Depth Category
of User
Ship from the port 03 the 08 m Inexperienced
I’m Out 06 to 15 m Inexperienced
Slab of 2 Brothers 13 to 24 m Intermediary
Corvette V 17 42 to 63 m Advanced
Shoe stone 43 m Advanced
Shoe tip 14 to 27 m Intermediary
Ship of the lion 10 m Inexperienced
Squid 08 to 24 m Advanced
Cabeço Sub 04 to 20 m Intermediary
Friar island 10 to 23 m Intermediary
Dry Stones 12 to 17 m Intermediary
Pontal do Norte 45 m Advanced
Hellhole 06 to 17 m Inexperienced
Cagarras 08 to 30 m Intermediary
Ressureta 06 to 13 m Inexperienced
Middle Island 08 to 13 m Inexperienced

IMPORTANT: The operation within the area of the MARINE NATIONAL PARK, is subject to the guidelines of IBAMA-entity sets, among other standards, the number and the places where dives are permitted, as well as the prohibition of the use of diving knife in this specific area.

Rate/IBAMA = $10.00/day of diving



Even those who do not want to do a deep dive you can enjoy the sea fauna de Noronha in your habitat. In the natural pools of the beaches of Atalaia, Sueste Bay and Sancho, and aquariums formed by the rocks of the Bay of pigs you can see colourful fish, turtles and whole families of stingrays. Just equip yourself with mask, snorkel and fins. The best time for snorkeling is between August and November.


The “Diving the trailer” is done with the use of mask, snorkel and acrylic Board. The tourist is towed by boat or speedboat over areas of concentration of marine life and shipwrecks. The sport was created in Noronha, in 1997, and is an option for those who do not intend to do dives with cylinder.


A route similar to that of boat trips can be made into Kayaks for two rowers, accompanied by a guide. The adventure will port the Cacimba do Padre Beach, getting off at praia da Conceição for snorkeling. On the way back, from the morro Dois Irmãos, a motor boat tows the rowers-beyond the tired arms, the wind against uncooperative. The ride has 2 hours long.


Every day, morning and afternoon, the boats depart from the beach of Porto de Santo Antônio for walks by the sea inside. The tour lasts 3 hours and highlights the dip in the Sancho Bay and the look of the shoe Tip – meeting of two stones that form a design similar to the map of Brazil. It is often the presence of spinner dolphins following the boats along the route. Inquire at the tourist Boats.

To perform the boat tour in Fernando de Noronha with Andre and your Mommy I, boat team simply contact telephone (81) 9735-9370/9954-5203/3619-1409/9651-2986 (or schedule directly into your pousada). If possible, let me know you saw this contact through the trails and Adventures. The ride costs 50 dollars, but who knows you get a discount. How about?


The best time to surf is in the months of January and February. Fernando de Noronha is special for surfing and bodyboarding. Some days, that form the waves more Brazil tubular, which makes a brazilian version of Hawaii Noronha.


Praia do Leão

Its name comes from a big rock that resembles a sea lion lying down. Considered one of the three most beautiful beaches in the country, contains the your side the Hill of the little widow. Its sands are clear, and the stones form natural pools. Contains the presence of the wreckage of the Bom Jesus of the lion and his 13 cannons almost buried. This is the beach where spawning occurs more turtles, with rigid control, and in spawning period anyone can access the beach after the 6:00 pm.

End of Caracas

Located between the beach and the Bay of the Southeast. This beach there are many natural pools in your Rocky tip, with colorful fish, stingrays and cations. However, due to the danger of the descent, the bath is forbidden.

Sueste Bay

The historic, tranquil sea, green, soft waves and soft sand and clear. It houses the ruins of the Fort of São Joaquim Southeast. Here is the only oceanic island mangrove.

Atalaia Beach

The Friar’s Hill, in the middle of the ocean, complements the paradisiacal landscape. Your strip of sand is narrow, where only 30 people can be. Nozzles are formed at high tide, rising to great heights. There is also a large natural pool in their reef discovered.

Caieira Cove

Many natural pools amid dunes, with intense marine life. Steep Creek that requires care when walking.

Raquel hole

Raquel was a mentally disabled girl, daughter of one of the military commanders, who were hiding in this place in times of crisis. The descent to the natural pools is not allowed to preserve marine species that live there. With a big rock by the sea.

End of Air France

Historic region, where French settled in the Decade of 20, providing support to aviation. The bath is not allowed, worth visiting even to contemplate this beautiful space. Is exactly at the point where they meet the sea inside and the sea outside. The only strong outside the main island is here, is the Fort of São José do Morro. This site is based on Association of artists and artisans Seaward.


Bay and port of Santo Antônio

Its natural harbour is used for unloading of boats. There is a sunken vessel in the port, the Greek ship Eleani Sthatathos. That makes this is one of the most sought after locations for snorkeling. Fishing and tourism boats shelter at this point.

Biboca Beach

Although banned for bathing, is good for hiking in dry tide. Displays a magnificent landscape, housing still remains of shipwrecks.

Cachorro Beach

The name comes from an ancient bronze fountain with dogface that no longer exists. There is a spout of water, a natural swimming pool in stone and the walls of the Sant’Ana Park. Also occur on this beach handicraft market.

Praia do Meio

Between the Praia do Cachorro and Conceição, has a sea of calm waters, in addition to natural pools on the rocks. Bathing is prohibited during the hangover. Yet there is an interesting stone called for today, because it is large and is balanced on smaller gems.

Praia da Conceição or Italcable

Great beach, located at the base of the Morro do Pico and, for being easily accessible, is highly sought after. Mansa tide the beach is quiet, with a big stretch of sand surrounded by coconut trees, great for a swim. The high tides, for your time, is widely used by surfers (November to March).

Praia do Boldro

Great for surfing in high tides, was formerly reserved for the Americans. The tide is good for hiking. It also hosts the Forte de São Pedro do Boldro, on top of the cliff, with an extraordinary view.

American Beach

Deserted beach and small, was used in ancient times by the Americans. Its waves are weak and the White Sands and soft. Until the military period access to that beach was forbidden.

Beach of the goat

Quiet beach, with natural pools, have access by an ancient path of stones. A large stone, the stone of the goat, serves as Lookout, where it is worth to see the beautiful local landscape. However, from December to March, is considered ideal for surfing.

Quixabinha Beach

Between the beach of the goat and the Cacimba do Padre, is this small beach, good for bathing. A beautiful beach of primal nature.

Cacimba do Padre Beach

Here is the famous Morro Dois Irmãos, which consists of two similar elevations in water. The beach was called Quixaba Beach, but originally, in 1888, the discovery of drinking water by a prison chaplain made the name change. On top, there was the village of Quixaba, where inmates of misbehavior were housed. Next to this site there are remains of a World War II batteries. From November to March, one of the best beaches in the country for surfing.

Bay of pigs

Considered the second most beautiful beach of Brazil, this small beach of difficult access has several beautiful stones that form natural pools, with many colourful fish. In front of it is the famous Morro Dois Irmãos. It also hosts, at the top, the Fort of São João Baptista of the two Brothers. Excellent for diving.

Baía do Sancho

Considered the most beautiful beach of Brazil, one of the few that allows boats stop for visitors, causing no damage to the reef. Its waters are transparent and the bottom is sandy, with access by sea, by boat, by the stairwell jammed in a crack in the rock or climbing rocks from the Bay of pigs.The steep cliff is a natural Lookout, from where one has a breathtaking view.

Dolphin Bay or Cove of the stone Path

This mating site and rest of dolphins is one of the greatest attractions of Noronha. Considered the largest Dolphinarium in the world, has forbidden access, and can be seen from the top of the Bay, in the Mirante dos Golfinhos.

Shoe tip

Tip of the main island, covered with native vegetation and Virgin. One of the places favoured by divers, but not suitable for swimming. A gap in the cliff, called the gate, has the shape of the map of Brazil, from some angles.


Fernando de Noronha island

The main island has 17 km2. Has several elevations, such as the Morro do Pico (323 m), the Morro do Espinhaço (223 m), the French Hill (195 m), the top of the flag (160 m), among others. On this island we find several historic sites, residential villas, airport transfers, school, hospital etc.

Rat Island

Is the second largest island, formerly inhabited by the responsible for the old Lighthouse when it was necessary to human maintenance. In it are the Pontal da Manioc and Lucena, which turns into another island during high tide.

Middle Island

Situated between the island and the Saddle Rock Gineta Rat. Its base is narrower than your top and the waves form cavities in the walls with the breakers, being assessed when costeadas in the promenades.

Other points

Ilha Rasa, St. Joseph Island, Island of couscous, island of Lucena, Northeast, Hat Island Island Island Hat hairy, Southeast, Island eggs, 30-Reis Island, Islet of conception or the Hill outside, Saddle Rock Gineta, Rock two brothers, Friar’s Island Rock, Rock Hill, Lion Rock Hill of the little widow and Rock of the Dry Stones.


Grass Track-Açú

Are 7 km walk with visit to shoe Beacon, from where you have a wonderful view of the island of Fernando de Noronha, and the cave of Capim-Açu. The trail continues for rocks to the beach of Lion, main spawning of sea turtles, and one of the most beautiful and wild beaches of Fernando de Noronha.

Turtle trail

Runs along part of the coast of the sea outside. The East Bay, where the trek begins, is a quiet beach which houses the only mangrove of oceanic islands in the South Atlantic. Already the beach of Lion, where is made the stop to rest and shower, is one of the most important of the island because it is the spawning of sea turtles. The visit is controlled in breeding of turtles, between December and June.

Emerald Coast Trail

Traverses almost the entire length of the Mar de Dentro. Begin at the Sancho Bay, passing through the Bay of pigs and beaches Cacimba do Padre, Bode and American. The last stop is the Forte de São Pedro do Boldro, one of the most played to enjoy the famous sunset of Noronha. Doing this way, one can observe the catraias-seabirds of the family of pelicans-diving for food.

Trail Tip-High Stone

Crossing the Bay of Caieira for Atalaia beach. Are 4:00 walk, passing by small peninsulas of cliffs, like the tip and the Tip of the High Stone observation tower. Along the way, you can see the location of the first shipwreck occurred in Brazil, in 1503. This crossing can be performed on horseback, by advance booking.

Blue Coast Trail

The Blue Coast Trail has a length of 2,300 meters and can be done in about 2 hours. Your starting point is the Vila dos Remedios, where is the women’s prison, built in the 18 century. But on the streets of Pico, where in certain excerpts form natural lookouts for the Dog and one in the Middle, where the trail really develops. The trail ends at Praia da Conceição where is the Morro do Pico, seen from all corners of the island. Around the base of the Hill, between the rocks, arrive at the ruins of the Fort Santa Cruz.

Elizabeth Garden

The name Elizabeth is a Garden of Dutch heritage. Maps of the time indicate the location as being chosen for acclimatization of plants brought from Europe to food production. With 1,600 meters in length, the trail runs through the Woods, a grove of Brazil and a 18 century bridge over the Dry Creek bed Mulungu. The walk of about 1 hour ends at Dog Beach, where in addition to a good diving can take bath spout.

Heritage walk

Itinerary 3 km from Vila dos Remedios. Visit to the Fort of Remedies, port of Santo Antônio, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and colonial-style houses. The tour continues with the Praia do Cachorro, Praia do Meio and Conceição.

Strong Medicine track

The sunset in Fernando de Noronha, and a show that is apparent from various points of the island. One of them and the Fort Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. Located in Vila dos Remedios Fort impresses not only by your military structure, but also by the beautiful landscape. Try to arrive before 5:30 to choose a good place to take your photos.

Atalaia trail

Real natural aquarium, located in the Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha. Has very clear waters, stunning marine fauna and average depth of 80 cm. The visit is controlled and limited to 30 visitors per day.

The beach has this name due to the Basking Island to your front: resembles a kneeling monk, making sentry-meaning of Atalaia. The beach is small, yet is one of the most controlled by IBAMA, for preservation of their characteristics. At low tide it forms a natural swimming pool with bottom of white sands, where various types of fish, lobsters and even small sharks become trapped.

The visit to this natural pool is controlled on a daily basis can only get 100 people, staying for 20 minutes. Between the East Bay and the Watchtower for a booth to distribute password. It is forbidden to use sunscreen, suntan oil and fins.

Mirante da Baía dos Golfinhos

The walk is easy and visual compensates for any sacrifice. At this point it is possible to observe the spinner dolphins who have chosen this Bay for rest, play and socialize. Here you can enjoy them in your natural habitat. The ideal is to go in the morning, because it is the time they appear to feed their chicks, rest, play… Biologists lend binoculars so you can see better, because you’re not allowed to delve into the site.



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