Which Exercise Ideal for Weight Loss?

The exercise ideal for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way you should combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic, for an exercise, complete the other. Some examples of aerobic exercises are walking, running, swimming or biking, while some examples of exercises anaerobic, which include do weight training or practicing exercise classes located.

While aerobic exercise such as walking or running, burn the most calories in a short space of time, and improves cardiorespiratory conditioning, exercises, anaerobic such as weight training increase muscle mass, spend more energy and improve body contour.

Which Exercise Ideal for Weight Loss 1

Usually, when the goal of the training is to lose weight, the ideal is to do about 20 minutes of aerobic training followed by 30 to 40 minutes of exercise located, how to bodybuilding. However, each workout should be tailored by the teacher of the academy, because it depends on the physical condition of each person.

How to workout at home to lose weight

To do exercises to lose weight at home, it is recommended to combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic as follows:

  1. Start by jogging, walking, cycling or rollerblading, for 10 to 15 minutes;
  2. Do exercises in gymnastics located, or with your own body weight for 20 or 30 minutes.

Which Exercise Ideal for Weight Loss 2

To perform the exercises, can also be used as small weights that increase the demand of the exercise and which can be bought in the shops of sports products, such as Decathlon, for example. If you want to lose abdominal fat and define the abs, see what exercises you should practice in 6 exercises to define the abdomen in the house.

Although training in the home to be more convenient and economical, if possible, the ideal is to train at a gym, for training is regularly monitored and adapted by a professional.

What to eat to Lose weight

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In addition to exercise, diet is also very important to lose weight, especially before and after training. Always place two servings of vegetables or vegetables in dish, make 6 meals per day and remove food sweets, biscuits, biscuits stuffed, fast-food, processed foods, and fried foods are some food habits that help you lose weight. See what to eat to lose weight in How to do a healthy diet to lose weight.