Wichita, Kansas

With over 380,000 residents, Wichita is the largest city in the US state of Kansas. After oil was discovered there in 1914, Wichita developed into a prosperous city.

According to computerminus, Kansas is a US state that is considered typically American. Prairies, mountains, men with cowboy hats and boots, horses and in the evenings lots of bourbon and music. The big cities of course prove that there is also urban life. Along with its neighbors is Kansas City as the largest metropolitan area. However, most of this city is in a different state. So off to Wichita, which actually deserves the name “largest city in the state of Kansas”. If you are looking for the heart of the USA, if you are interested in flying and planes, if you love high temperatures and if you enjoy outdoor activities, Wichita is the place for you. Wichita is also a prosperous city thanks to the discovery of oil in 1914.

Off to the capital of aviation

As the aviation capital of the world, or in the original “Air Capital of the World”, Wichita can officially use the middle name. The background to this is the fact that the industrial city is the location for various large companies in the aviation industry. For the locals, that means jobs and good incomes. For visitors to the city, however, the Kansas Aviation Museum may be of greater interest. The museum was built on the site of a real former airport from the 1940s. Everything looks as if there are still flight operations here; the machines and motors are arranged accordingly and discreetly labeled. A skilful background noise reinforces this impression and even the air is always a little stuffy – just like that, as it would have been in the former heyday of the plant. This is perfect for the illusion, but it can also challenge the body. Especially when it is really hot outside, you should stock up on water to visit the museum. If you take children with you, please be prepared for the fact that they may quickly get nagged.

Temperatures that are tough

Many people value the “sun guarantee” when on holiday. They can have them in Wichita. In the summer months of June, July and August, temperatures can easily reach 30 degrees Celsius during the day – and more. Even September is still cozy and warm during the day with temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius. Most of the precipitation falls in the main travel season, but that is relative in Wichita. The wettest month is June; it has an average of seven rainy days. In July it rains only five days, August and September have six rainy days each. If milder temperatures are desired on vacation, May and October are the best travel times.

Parks for big and small tourists

The Sedgwick County Zoo is not only loved by visitors to the city. It is also a popular destination for many locals. Exotic animals have found a home in the spacious grounds. Elephants, tigers and parrots are just a few examples. Separate tours are offered for children. Specially trained employees of the zoo impart not only knowledge about the animals themselves, but also about their natural environment to the young visitors.

A visit to the botanical garden is also worthwhile. “The Wichita Gardens” is a very well-kept complex that can be reached via various, differently designed entrances. Here you can take a deep breath, looking for cool shade and peace after the heat and the hustle and bustle of the city. Trees, bushes and flowers represent both the native and the exotic flora. There are benches everywhere to rest. Various, densely overgrown but open huts offer effective protection from the sun and the high temperatures. If you want to say it by European standards, then the “Wichita Gardens” are more English than French gardens. You can clearly see the composition and the organizing hand of the gardeners, but overall the complex still looks quite natural. Relaxation can be guaranteed here.

… and then go out in the evening

A visit to Wichita is not perfect if you just go to bed in the evening or just have a drink at the hotel bar. The city, like many other places in the state of Kansas, has a rich nightlife. Many of the bars live from the live music. Music plays a decisive role when you plunge into the nightlife. Whether jazz, blues, or even and definitely country – it is not only allowed to listen, but also to dance. Boredom is guaranteed not to arise on these nights. However, it would definitely be advisable to strengthen yourself beforehand. One of the specialties in Wichita is dinner shows. The guest is placed in certain themed worlds and indulged with a multi-course menu “in between”. It goes without saying that dusty desert cities.

Wichita, Kansas