World Cup: U23-Pace Decided

Road: Results from U23-pace in Melbourne as well as a report from the Swedish squad for the coming races.

Early on Wednesday morning was run under-23 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, with the pace of Swedish participation in the form of Sebastian Balck. The start of the women’s time trial has passed and the results should be ready in a few hours. Start both Emilia Fahlin and Emma Johansson.

Sebastian Balck drove time trial over 31.8 km U23 class. He was 22nd, 2:39.43 after winner Taylor Phinney, United States. Taylor Phinney is one of the biggest talents on the road side at the moment and has, since the previous world titles on the track, national titles on the track and in the tempo and won the U23 Paris-Roubaix for two years in a row.

But he also has a little bit to Brás. Daddy Davis Phinney was the successful bicycle professionals and the first American to win a stage in the Tour de France (1986). Mother Connie Carpenter-Phinney was also a cyclist, including a gold medal from the line the race at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and four WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS medals on road and track. In addition, she participated in the 1972 Winter Olympics in speed skating at the age of 15 and won a national championship in rowing in 1980. And now it’s time for son Taylor to start laying the bike world for their feet.

Later during the Wednesday run Emilia Fahlin and Emma Johansson their time trial. Emilia is Swedish Champion and European Championship silver medallist, and has very good chances to be among the best on the 22.7 km long track. Women’s tempo starts at.15:00 (local time).

Thursday, September 30, runs S L the 45.4 km time trial. Gustav has silver in the discipline in last year’s World Championships and thrive on technical courses-which this clearly is. Men’s tempo starts at. 13:00 (local time).

On Friday 1 October run Tobias ludvigsson and Sebastian Balck line race for men in the U23. The 159 km long track is classified as a relatively tough. The start is at 19:00. 13:00 (local time).

Saturday, October 2, runs the women’s line on 127.2 km where Emma Johansson, Swedish Champion, Sweden’s great guldhopp during the World Cup. She starts with three strong teammates: Emilia Fahlin, Sara Mustonen and Marie Lindberg to be run out Emma to a medal.

The course is very tough and has a steep hill to run eight times. After having test-driven the track on Tuesday believe Emma herself to fit her well. The start is at 19:00. 13:00 (local time).

On Sunday 3 June runs the men’s line of 262.7 km. Of Sweden sees two cyclists, Gustav Larsson and Jonas Ljungblad. The track is also this tuff and will probably not be settled in any klungspurt. The start is at 19:00. 10:00 a.m. (local time).

The Swedish cyclists have been in place in Melbourne in a week to train and feel on the course. Head coach Glenn Magnusson is very positive in the face of events and
believe that we will see fine Swedish achievements in the coming days, reports the SCF.

Results U-23 speed
1 Taylor Phinney (United States) 0:42:50 (2)
2 Luke Durbridge (Australia) 0:00:01.90
3 Marcel Kittel (Germany) 0:00:24.01
[…] 22 Sebastian Balck (Sweden) 0:02:39.43